The cock crowed thrice indicating morning but I could not deny seeing Tolani. I barely slept as my thoughts were filled with clashes of agitation and despair. I folded my knees still in that same position of the previous day. It was terribly hot but I was trembling like a leaf. I turned slowly, cautiously and daringly to look at Tolani. But her bed was empty. I let out a huge sigh of relief. I rolled to turn to the other side of the bed.A nurse walked up to me wearing a pregnant smile.

"Good morning sir, How are you feeling?" She said, touching me on my shoulders.

"I think I am feeling better. When will I be discharged?" I said hastily.

"Probably in a week or two." She replied, reassuringly.

"Maybe in a month, if necessary." She added.

"No, that's too long. You don't understand. My life is in danger. I need to leave now." I said, droppin

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