My phone never left my sight as I waited for Eniola to pick up my call. I never lost count of the number of times I clicked Eniola's name in the dial log. A huge 95 dials. I knew that she was right but I wanted to judge the case tommorow and leave the law firm permanently. There was no point anymore of deceiving Eniola. I licked my bottom lip and dipped my body into the couch. I placed the phone on the table and I inhaled sharply.

A shrill tone invaded my thoughts and I picked up the phone in anticipation.

"Hello." I said, gleefully with a spirit as high as the heavens.

"Hello old friend." An unfamiliar tone said.

"Who are you? Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?" I said, dropping my feets on the tilted ground.

"How did you forget me so fast? Maybe because this is a private number. Have you forgotten your old friend? Have y

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