"That was a great meal, don't you agree?" I asked, smiling at James.

"It was spoilt but you are a glutton, maybe that's why you didn't notice." James replied, chuckling with a toothpick in his mouth.

"Let's go and sue that restaurant." I yelled, kicking a stone in my path.

"The food is already in your belly, be grateful that you are still alive." James replied, laughing loudly.

I was basking in the glory of getting my brother back when the phone in my pocket vibrated with immediate attention. I sighed heavily, casting a weak smile at James and picked the call.

"Hello, How can I help you?" I asked, licking my lips.

"Good evening, it's Aisha. I don't want to file for the case against Danjuma anymore. I probably got it mixed up." Aisha said, her voice breaking in a fearful way.

"What kind of excuse is that?

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