I staggered into the office, holding a bottle of whiskey in my hands. I slurred incoherent words from my lips as I struggled to find my way towards my seat. Drinking became my escape from depression and anxiety. Mama was still in a coma, James was still missing and Eniola was well gone for good.

I sat down groggily and picked up a newspaper. I dropped it flatly on the tilted floor as soon as I read the newspaper headlines.

The door snapped open and Kemi strode in wearing a faint smile.

"Good morning sir." Kemi greeted, dropping her handbag on her desk.

"Get me another bottle of whiskey, this one is almost finished." I replied, shaking the whiskey bottle.

"Sir, I don't think I can do that." Kemi replied, adjusting her shirt collar.

"What did you just say?" I inquired, shattering the unfinished whiskey on the floor.

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yes there will be a sequel
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sofiyyah temmy
Welldone ????
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Should we be expecting sequel?
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