Chapter 9

 "Please! Wait. I'm coming." Maru said as he stood on shaky legs.

"You seem to forget something, kid." The ugly looking man reminded Maru.

"I'm coming, daddy." Maru indulged the sick fantasy of the ugly looking man. The weak have no right to complain. He was determined to do this and get it over with. Maru only wished to live through this ordeal.

"Hahaha! Smart kid! You will see your family again after this. I promise." The ugly looking man said to Maru. Lying was a way of life for him. He felt no guilt whatsoever in toying with the boy.

"Thank you, daddy." Maru replied towards the ugly looking man. There was hope as long as he still lives. No matter what he will go through, the word surrender would never be his. For he knew that there were people waiting for him to come back home safely. Maru would go through hell and back just to see them once more. To be with his mother and sister, that was all that mattered to him right now.

"Don't touch my son with your filthy hands, kid. Use only your mouth. Be sure to lick to first. Make it wet and slippery. Hahaha!" the ugly looking man said to Maru when he was about to touch the big hard member. It already stood tall and proud. The ugly looking man seemed stimulated by how much control he was wielding over the young boy.

"Okay, daddy." Maru replied to the ugly looking man. His unwillingness was evident in his voice. But these were the cards he was dealt with. He has to play them well since there was no turning back in this game called life.

"Do you want to activate the defense mode of the system, Maru?" a cold voice reached the ears of Maru. The Artificial Intelligence System was part of his soul. It understood the emotions from its host. As of the moment, Maru was experiencing extreme distress.

The details it gathered from the body of Maru was, sweating, trembling, hot flushes or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, a choking sensation, rapid heartbeat, pain or tightness in the chest, a sensation of butterflies in the stomach, nausea, headaches and dizziness, feeling faint, numbness or pins and needles, dry mouth, a need to urinate or eject waste, ringing in Maru's ears, confusion and disorientation, et cetera. Thus, it offered this option towards Maru.

"Can you help me, Madame Ais?" Maru answered with his thoughts. His helpless eyes turned bright once more when he gained a possibility of escape from his current dilemma. He really did not want to put that thing inside his mouth nor lick it clean with his tongue. Maru even sensed a strong foul smell coming from that part. With his close distance with it, the stench was very palpable. He almost vomited again when he thought of doing the act.

"Affirmative, Maru." Madame Ais replied to Maru. Its voice remained detached and unaffected.

"Please help me, Madame Ais. I really don't want to do this." Maru said to Madame Ais. Tears rushed in floods from his eyes again with his silent confession towards the system.

"Hahaha! No need to cry, kid. Only the first time is tough. After that, it will become natural. Practice makes perfect, doesn't it? You'll have plenty of time to get used to it later. Hehehe!" the ugly looking man said to Maru. Young ones are resilient. They do not break but will only bend.

"This boy will have a lot of bending to do. Hahaha!" the ugly looking man thought cheerily.

"Affirmative, Maru." Madame Ais replied to Maru. His request was heard loud and clear.

"Hey! Don't space out on me again, kid!" the ugly looking man shouted after he saw the boy closed his eyes and stopped moving. He wanted to slap the boy once again but before he could complete his action the boy opened his eyes and smiled. The countenance of the boy changed to a flirtatious one, almost feminine.

"I'm here, daddy. Let me start serving you. Just relax and hold tight, okay? It's going to be a long ride towards heaven." The Artificial Intelligence System said to the ugly looking man while smiling sweetly at the same time. Madame Ais was the one in control of Maru's body and faculties. The Defense Mode uses multiple personalities to adapt to any kind of situation that the host may encounter. Maru was currently sleeping to get his well-deserved rest from the mental torture he experienced in the hands of the ugly looking man.

"What are you?!" the ugly looking guy asked. He was not born yesterday. His years in the wastelands had honed his instincts well. The complete change he observed from the words and facial expression of the boy was a clear sign that something wasn't right. He backed away from the boy as fast as he could but found that his steps were clearly mirrored by the boy. The distance between them didn't extend more than 5 feet. This boy was dangerous, he thought.

"What's wrong, daddy? Didn't you want me to suck you off?" Madame Ais asked after the ugly looking man stopped running. He ran for about ten minutes but he still could not escape the pursuit of this strange boy. The ugly looking man also lured him towards his pre-arranged traps in case of situations like this. But he did not find success in his plan. The boy would sidestep them with ease. Not triggering a single snare.

"Hahaha! You are good to be able to fool me this long. I don't know who your master is but you could still walk away from all this. I am a member of Sakar's Salvation. There is no need for conflict." The ugly looking man negotiated. The speed of the boy was not less than his. He might be facing an expert from the other groups around these cursed lands.

"Why stop now? We're just getting started." Madame Ais answered and arrived directly before the ugly looking man. He was not able to react on time before an emptiness below his waist emerged. Something felt missing. Within a half breath, the reality flowed together with time and he finally underwent an excruciating pain that made him howl in agony. The ugly looking man peered down and saw that his son was no more. It was just gone.

"No! My son! I will kill you! AHHHHHHRRRRRGGGG!" the ugly looking man dashed towards the boy. Both his adrenaline rush and the anger from his loss fueled his bloodlust. He wanted to chop the one who stole his son into pieces.

"What was a man without his son?" The ugly looking man thought. He brought a dagger up to decapitate the one who has stolen something precious from him. A part of him that was unique and irreplaceable.

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