Chapter 558

Maru arrived at the Ye domains. At once glance, he could see that there were more people inside it than when he left.

It was obvious that there were more homeless and poor citizens of Whitecrest who chose to seek refuge in the clan.

His parents Ye Jia and Ye Hanya knew of their son’s heart and thus gladly accepted to feed and give shelter to these people.

From the initial 1,000 hapless souls, the count had already five fold at this time. Fortunately for all, the expense of having these families was too insignificant for the rich Ye family.

But if these 5,000 men, women, and children were to be cultivated then that was a whole nother matter entirely.

Resources like spirit stones were extremely limited even for a big clan like the Ye.

“It’s been two long years, huh?” Maru smiled and began walking in slow steps towards the large


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