Chapter 29

Arthur and Vincent walked stealthily in the woods of the Centurion Pack knowing fully well that guards were on alert, prepared to launch at them. Nevertheless, he still continued on the pathway that led to Bella's captivity;thanks to Sabrina who was able to trace her.

Soon rustling of leaves began to sound plus the sound of quick breaths and steps escaping their opponents. The Werewolves surrounded them with a fierce stance and a growl escaping their mouth.

Vincent sighed playfully. "You see my friend here, he's really angry and killing Werewolves is his hobby so if you still like your life just let us take what we want and leave. Simple." Vincent gestured courteously but Arthur paid no attention to those words. With certainty, he knew they wouldn't succumb to his friend's philosophical words.

"We are ready to die for our cause!" One of them barked in return. It infuriated Arthur enough that he wasted no time trotting to the Werewolf and sliced his head off with his silver knife. The o
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