In Love With The Coldblooded
In Love With The Coldblooded
Author: Ladipo Michael

Chapter 01

She gasped.

He howled,tore his skin open as claws grew,canine longer than usual and those eyes turning dangerously golden yellow.

This was not the Jeremy she knew. Yet she watched under the full moon in the humid darkness of this forest from a distance how her best friend turned a werewolf.

Weren't this monsters supposed to thrive in fantasy novels and folklores?.

This dazzling black wolf sniffed her and without further ado,targeted her as it's prey. It growled,she ran.

Thumping her heels on twigs and dry leaves while her red hair brushed through branches and leaves. She whimpered hearing the trotting paws of a werewolf. Her ankles sprained as she inadvertently fell into a depression and at that moment she concluded she was doomed. Her bones began to shudder,her hearts beating racing loudly and her breaths heavy as they toured out. She tried to move but her pain wouldn't let her. It shot up from her sprained ankles to her ribs, rigidly holding her down to the loamy sands. She exhaled once she was greeted by the terrifying creature preying towards her.

There he was,growling at her,taking stealthy steps as he circled about her. Claws digging into the ground, his furs arising and his canines baring in the under the grace of moonlight.

He was ready to tear her apart.

"J-jeremy," she voiced weakly in a trembly tone while her eyes fixated to his deeply. She hoped some part of him would recognize her but Nay. He barked ferociously in return causing her to whimper and embrace the new wave of fear.  Her eyes sealed but tears flowed regardless, she simply hoped for a miracle.

   A torrent of wind blew past her hair,a loud groan followed suit. The painful howling of the wolf and thrusting sound forced her to open her eyes.

Tears bathed her cheeks as she watched this young man and her best friend turned werewolf battle roughly with unimaginable speed,strength and their never ending growl.

In a minute,this man had speared his silver knife to the wolf's leg which in turn pitched another howl,whimpering and it's dangerous eyes now yearning for help.

Was she to smile and heave a sigh of relief or let her fear further taunt her?. She was struck in a limbo as she watched Jeremy stagger on his paws and escape from the death grip of her savior.

Her mystery saviour walked gallantly towards her.

"Are you okay?" He extended a hand to pull her up. His voice soothing yet dangerously hoarse.

She looked up only to see monstrous reddish black eyes,canine as long as Jeremy's and sharp claws from the hand he extended. The fear that had relatively lessened gripped her again. Yet she foolishly accepted his hand.

"What are you?" She pronounced in a fear stricken tone.

"A Monster." He answered huskily while he pulled her to a stance.

She exhaled instantly from the pain that coursed through her body. She had also grown weary of his presence.  And indeed,his words lived up to it's name. His countenance as dark as his attire.

"If you cherish your life,I'll advice you to run before I rip you apart." He stated lucidly.

If your saviour is meant to save and allay your fears this one was different. Without doubt she believed his warnings and shove all thoughts of worries for Jeremy aside.

"I'll give you thirty minutes to scurry away from this forest, for I can't assure you your life after my limits." He stated in a rather authoritative manner.

The pain in her ankle still blossomed making her wobble

"Run!" He growled.

She squeaked again putting more effort into her legs. She grew worrisome for Jeremy again but given the situation,she couldn't dare to think of saving a savage wolf.




Days passed and still no sign of Jeremy. Of course nobody except her Mother gave a worry about his disappearance; he his an orphan and she's his only family left. The unfortunate night which she kept secret still rang daily in her head but she chose to believe Jeremy was possessed by a demon or something.

School begins today and the thought of starting it alone dampened her. She sighed heavily,jamming her locker with hopeless eyes.

"Easy,darling" Said the young man huskily,whose locker were just beside her. His head were fixed into his locker,apparently fizzling through stuffs.

Her eyebrows danced haphazardly. His voice and stature were a sheer resemblance to her mysterious savior.

"I know that voice somewhere." she responded.

He brought out his head staring uninterestingly at the red haired totally gawking at his handsomeness.

"Hmph.." He whispered to himself;probably one of his one night stands.

"Yes!" Her tone pitched after she had spent minutes examining this newbie in BELGRAVE HIGH. She stepped closer yet fearful of his presence. "You saved me from the Wolf months ago in the forest." She lowered her voice.

He focused purely on his books that he kept arranging. "I've killed many wolves for the past month now. I'm sorry I don't recall."

Taken aback by his bluntness was an understatement!. Nevertheless,all she wanted was to know the status of her best friend. If he survived or died by his hands.

"That you asked me to 'SCURRY' away before 30 minutes elapses." She explained.

He stopped his work,deciding to stare at her till he could get a memory of the red haired.

"Oh....I think I remember now." He answered coldly.

"Well," she spoke again. "I wanna thank you for saving my life."

"Funny," he scoffed. "I recall I wanted to eat you." he played a tiny smile on his lips.

She raised a questioning eyebrow. "Technically, you saved me."

"No. You ran."

"No!." She argued. "You told me to run." 

He sighed,returning his gaze to his locker. Although there was still the fear,She gritted her teeth at his pride and rudeness.

"I don't understand why you're still standing here." He uttered, realising she stood there watching him in silence for 10 minutes now.

"Did you kill him?. He's my best friend." She replied. Her face totally optimistic for positive answers.

He scoffed again. "That aggressive beast who wanted to tear you apart is your best friend?" He remarked in an unsurprised fashion. "How adorable." 

"Please I just wanna know,if he's still alive." She mentioned in an humbly manner. Her head mentally lecturing her about the monster within him. If anyone had told her this handsome young man was a demon,she wouldn't have believed.

He grinned. "Probably dead. Now if you'll excuse me,I have a class of simpletons to attend." He ordered,slamming his locker and brushed past her.

"Please," she held him by his left hand briskly. Then her hand dropped once he glared at her in an overly intimidating manner.

His face folded into a frown. "The next time you touch me without my consent," his husky voice proclaimed in a sadistic manner. "I will kill you."

She swallowed the saliva retained in her mouth as her eyes twitched.

"Jeremy means a lot to me. I know he isn't a monster. That night, I'm certain something possessed him." Fear enveloped her amidst other questions troubling her mind.

His grin grew devilishly as he stepped closer to her. His eyes could tell purely the actions he was about to take. "I don't care. Stay away from me if you don't want problems."

She watched him leave from her presence in a proud fashion. Although she could have taken his advice but for her love for Jeremy. She was going to do the exact opposite till she finds Jeremy.

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