Chapter 08

And so, the Lockwood's annual party came to an abrupt terrific end. One could start with the police circling about the bloody scenery or the blaring tone and lights of several ambulance vehicles. Perhaps one could start with the bodies itself. Some had their hearts ripped out of their chest, others had obvious bite marks across their necks. But the main worries were the identities of these people killed. Dan and his clique alongside security guards.

Bella would have assumed Arthur did the killings but he was with her during the ugly incident. And for the first time, she chose to believe his words. Whoever was doing this meant more harm than Arthur.

"Bella Cosgrove." A tall heavily built man uttered beside her. His appearance formal and in harmony with his dark clothing. It wasn't far-fetched this man was a bodyguard. "Mr. Lockwood requests of your presence. Please follow me."

She nodded and was about to depart from the ugly scenery until Arthur held her abruptly. Grinning sinister
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