Chapter 23

"Where am I?" Asked Alisha who just woke from her slumber feeling tensed and an unending irritation. Her vision hazy, her wrist chained to the arms of a wooden chair she was currently seated in and her legs tied together. Even in her blurry state, she noticed her surroundings was a small cave. With two men. One that was rooted to the wall and the other, dressed in an all black attire. A shirt with three loose buttons at the top, fitting jean complemented with boots. He was poised in her front, metres away and unable to review his face due to her blurriness.

"Took you long enough!" The man's overly hoarse voice sounded. "Welcome to the Silvery-Claw Centurion Pack." He muttered in a grand gesture.

"Slivery what?!" Alisha questioned in an agitated tone. The fact she was having issues as to how she got here and being bound by chains, angered her. "Where am I?! Who are you?! What do you want from me?!!" She screeched while struggling for freedom from the chair. The man simply giggled as he
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