Chapter 24

Bella silently watched Sabrina and Vincent pack some Witchy artifacts into Arthur's vehicle. The wooden floor she relaxed on ached but her troubling thoughts wouldn't let her bother. She wondered how her mother was faring or if she was even alive. And then Jeremy too, wondering if he was stuck in all these drama like her.

"Hey..." Arthur's gentle voice tousled her thoughts. She looked up at him, his face vaguely hiding his anxiety. She sighed and returned her gaze back to the vehicle.

"You don't have to be this moody." He muttered as he sat beside her.

She shot him a skeptical look.

"We're basically going on a suicide mission and you expect me to smile?"

"It's not a suicide mission." He corrected while they exchanged gazes.

"My mother is in New Orleans and perhaps Nicodemus has her. We don't even have a weapon to kill him yet. Tell me, how is this not suicide?" She scoffed. He only retained his gaze. His silence giving her the answer.

"Arthur, you know there's another way out of t
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