Chapter 25

"Today, I specifically will teach you how to feed on humans." Nicodemus uttered as he walked alongside Alisha in the woods. Under the cold night

"So how are you enjoying your stay in the Centurion Pack?"

Alisha frowned at his smiley face, recalling every harsh moments she's witnessed over the hours. She could start with his commander, Jerry, who continuously fed her blood and yapped about Vampire biology. All she thirsted for was home but no hope came forth.

"What do you want me to say?" She retorted. "You abducted me, turned me into a Vampire and many more dreadful plans to come."

He chuckled but Alisha's frown deepened. Infuriating her all the more.

"And just so you know, I'll never feed off innocent humans. I'll rather die!" She declared ferociously.

"Don't worry once I have no use of you. I'll kill you myself." He affirmed nonchalantly. Alisha retained silence whilst struck in a limbo. She puzzled if he meant those words or simply bluffing. Either ways, fear boomed in her chest as
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