Chapter 26

"Alpha!" A Royal guard walked alongside Stella, Nicodemus's favorite Witch, into his Chambers. The large dimly lit room filled with several bodies of young women. Drenched in their blood and misery Nicodemus had gifted.

Nicodemus groaned under his breath as he continued to feed on the last lady he grasped tightly. His Fangs buried into her neck and his eyes raging with unquantifiable lust.

"We have news..." Stella muttered sternly, choosing to ignore the mess he had created.

"This better be important." Nicodemus bellowed as he pulled his fangs out. The lady let out a silent voice before she collapsed to the ground like the other girls he had been feeding on. He wiped the blood path that trailed on his lips to his lower jaw with his thumb. And then wore a sinister smile as he reviewed his Chambers. Basking in the goriness of his room.

"Arthur and Bella are here in New Orleans." She uttered whilst Nicodemus face lit with excitement. His smile deepened as he approached her with his arms c
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