Chapter 28

Half of Bella's muscles were already weak from the stress she was enduring, her eyes were heavy from the drugs that ran through her system. Her thoughts finally became clear and then she realized she was chained, with her knees to the dry leaves. The fire that burned on the woods made her see clearly till her eyes fell on her mother. Her heart raced faster like it was bound to explode as she watched her mother partly conscious and suffering in pain. Her bones started to shudder as she struggled to meet her mother but her chains held her back successfully.Tears streamed down her cheek realizing how helpless both of them were.

"Mom?" She stuttered. "Mom!!" She screamed this time.

"Bella?" She gasped while trying to move her body but no avail.

"Jeremy!" Her voice sparked with a mix of relief and sadness. His voice was enough to tell how much torture he had gone through. Her best friend was positioned right behind her back but she was unable to face him. Her bondage and her weakness wouldn
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