Chapter 2 : Regret Or No Regret!

Third Person's POV:

The next morning,

"Ahhhh," A low groan left Kayla's mouth as she slowly opened her eyelids. Her head was throbbing.

She sat up slowly, eyeing the man sleeping beside her naked. She was naked too. The events of last night came rushing to her mind.

She finally did it with a stranger. And did it quite hard.

The soreness between her legs was giving her the proof. But the pain was worth it because the pleasure that had been felt was amazing. And he was huge than anyone she had sex with before. A small repetition of last night with him wouldn’t be bad.

She was sore from last night's vigorous fucking still she felt like having sex again. And with the same stranger.

What the are you thinking! Have you gone fully nuts, Kayla? Kayla yelled at herself internally.

Whatever happened last night, it shouldn’t happen. It was the first time she had sex with a stranger. Leaving her home, she came to another city. She was feeling upset, pretty emotional yesterday. And the alcohol thoroughly influenced her brain messing with her thinking, logic.

For some reason, she felt an inkling of regret in her mind.

Under the influence of alcohol, she got carried away last night.

She felt that she acted like a wanton woman. And even now, being the very sore, she was thinking about having sex again.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Kayla?!" She mumbled, shaking her head.

From her childhood, she learned how to act with elegance, how to control her emotions around people. But yesterday she not only let her emotions spring free but also gave into her desire like a bohemian. She turned into a hungry vixen yesterday.

Her regret turned into guilt. What would happen if any photographer was there and snapped a picture of her?

Whatever was done was done. She couldn’t undo it.

The logical part of her mind said that the first thing she should do was dressing up and leave before the man woke up. She didn’t want to face him again.

"Why the hell am I acting like a thief? I had sex, didn’t do any crime."

Her brain reasoned.

She looked at the clock. It was 8 am.  She should have left earlier. The unproductive thoughts were making her delay.

She looked around the hotel room and found her clothes lying on the floor.

Her cocktail dress, bra, thong, highheels- she got down and put them on quickly.

Her bladder was crying for a release. She felt relief that the stranger at least used condoms. She didn’t have any chance to get pregnant or STD.

Limping a bit, she entered the bathroom. After relieving her bladder, she came out to take her purse and leave but saw that the handsome stranger was already up. Kayla bit her tongue, inside her mouth.

He was sitting on the bed, flaunting his naked glory.

"So leaving already?" Brandon asked. Kayla decided to act confident.

She didn’t want him to understand that she was regretting last night. Even though she was under the influence of alcohol, she behaved like a horny vixen. And if she acted coy now, he might laugh at her or even worse, taunt her. She didn’t want to give any stanger the chance to laugh at her.

So she raised her chin and asked, "Should I wait? We both wanted sex; did it and now we should part our ways. Isn't it?"

Brandon liked this girl. She was great in bed and wasn’t clingy like other bitches either who would tear up in the morning causing goddamn melodrama.

"Yes. I like this attitude of yours. I can say you will shine in life. You are rational and not clingy." He chuckled.

"The sex was amazing. The irony that it was the first and last time between us. Hope you will pay for the room." Saying, Kayla left the room.

Stepping out of the hotel room, she took a deep breath. And mentally patted herself. She was impressed by her bravery. Getting out of the hotel building, she took a taxi.

On the other hand, Brandon was thinking about her.

She looked around 23 or 24. Her full  breasts with perky nipples, deep navel, long legs, round hips- everything was deadly. She had a perfect body.

Her face was beautiful too, her big glassy eyes were blue, long brown hairs. She was a complete package.

And especially her pussy, it was the best pussy he ever had. So fucking tight; wrapped him like a tight glove.

Thinking about her body had his cock hardened again.

"Fuck!" Brandon cursed.

He should have done another session of fucking with her this morning. Then he wouldn’t have to take any cold shower now. But judging how mouthy and sassy she was, he doubted if she would agree with him.

He headed to the bathroom cursing loudly.

And while taking the cold shower, he was sure of something that this was not the last time. Rather, it was starting of a new trouble.


Three days later,

Kayla's POV:

"It's not right, mom. I don't do this." I huffed on the phone.

"Sweetie, don't huff like this. It's the only way to convince your dad."

"I did everything to set up my company, my own brand. Dad promised me to help. Now how can he say this? Mom, didn't I work hard enough in college, university?" I whined, wiping my tears.

"But before starting your own, you must do as he said. It's just a matter of 8 months. I tried but couldn't convince him. So, I suggest you, the sooner you will start, the quicker you will get your dream come true. I know you can. I have faith in you." Mom assured me.

"Love you, mom. Then talk to you later. Take care. Don't forget to take meds in time." I told her.

"Love you too, hun. Take care."

After hanging up, I breathed out a deep sigh in frustration.

At this time I hated my dad for breaking his promise.

It can't be helped, Kayla Frost.

Yep, turning on my laptop. I started my search. I must get a job as soon as possible.


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Dad is total bull shit live up to your responsibilities

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