Death Of A Rivera
Death Of A Rivera
Author: Keren Michael

Chapter 1



Seattle 2016, June 12th

At the Rivera Mansion......


The lights in the mansion were all out as I stumbled in through the door. I wasn't drunk or anything, I just had a little talk over with my friend, Ashley. And that involved her serving margaritas. She's a bartender I don't blame her.

I discarded my purse unto the kitchen counter so I was able to get me a glass of water. As the cold liquid rushed through my body, the fight with Ethan came running back to my mind. 

I knew I shouldn't have said all those mean things to him but I'm quite done with his family trying to take over everything. Including running our lives.

I rinsed the cup and placed It back in the cupboard before picking my purse and walking upstairs. I came to the door of my daughter's room and opened the door slowly in case she was asleep, I don't wake her up. 

Her head was twisted gently to the side and her teddy, Miss Ponytail was wrapped up in her arms. 

I sat on her bed and pushed the plate of cookies away from her bedside. I told the nanny not to give her sugary things once it's past six. I covered her in her thick duvet and watched as her eyes fluttered opened. Big blue orbs stared back at me..


I cuddled her in my arms and kissed her cheek. "Mommy's here" I said holding her to my bosom. Sadly, she had seen the little encounter I had with her dad and I hated for that to happen. The truth is, I'm sick and tired of everything going the way they are. I know Ethan is trying his best but his mom's clutches on him is so strong.

Her problem is that her son married a lowlife commoner like me. She thinks of me as a gold digging bitch, here to steal her family's fortune. And to steal her son. She fought against us even before we got married. I won and she lost, but she won't get over it. 

"Are you and daddy getting a divorce?" Autumn asked me. I stared at her with wide eyes. Where the hell did she get that idea and what does she know is a divorce. I Palmed her cheek.

"No, honey. We're just working things out" I told her. She nodded with tired wide blue eyes, blinking. I wonder who told her such.

"But Grandma said your leaving dad" Autumn whined. Tears rolled down her cheek as I stared at her helplessly. I didn't need to ask which grandma told her that before I know it was Mrs Neveah Rivera. Ethans mom. My mom would never go as far as imputing twisted things in a three years old mind.

"I'm not leaving anyone" I said to her. She stopped crying and wiped her eyes with her night gown.

"Now ,go back to bed sweety" I tucked her back into bed and her eyes shut immediately. I brushed the tender hair that fell to her face. Turning her bedside lamp off, I left the room.

The stillness of my room made me remember that Ethan might still be mad at me. I dropped my purse on the table and walked to the bed. Ethans still figure on the bed made me sigh. I took off my clothes and slipped into my night gown before climbing into bed.

"I know your mad at me Ethan but I need you to know I'm sorry" I spoke into the darkness. There was no reply from him.

"Don't give me the silent treatment. "I whined. There was still no reply. I moved closer to him now. "We've been this way before, we'll get through it." I wrapped my arms round his shoulder and kissed his head.

I waited for him to say something but there was nothing. No movement, no words and definitely no breathing. I sat up immediately and my hands made contact with a cold, sticky spot right above his stomach. I froze praying to God and hoping that it wasn't what I thought it was.

I moved my hand lower and came in contact with a solid object stuck right in the middle of his chest. I screamed. 

The bedside light was nearby so I switched it on. The sight in front of me made me dead in the knees. There was Ethan laying dead. A pen knife sticking out of his chest and blood soaked all over his shirt. Tears pooled in my eyes.

"What's going on? I heard you scream!"

I looked at the doorway to see Mrs Neveah staring at me. Her eyes shifted to Ethans still body and she shrieked. Tears poured out of my eyes like fountain. This isn't supposed to be. Why?

"You killed my son!" Mrs Neveah roared. I shook my head as the tears continued running down my face.

"I could never" I sobbed. My eyes shifted from Ethans still body to my mother-in-law.

"Get out! Leave this house now!" She cried. I shook my head unable to think at the moment. I couldn't even utter a word. "I'm calling 911 " she threatened and marched away. 

I gripped Ethans hand and shook it having this little feeling that this was all a joke. But there's a pen knife stuck to his chest. I wailed. The sound of sirens in the distance made me jerk up. Mrs Neveah came through the door again.

"I knew it! I knew this day would come!" She continued crying. I got off the bed and ran to her holding her hand, pleading for her not to do this. "You kill my son and inherit his fortune? Not going to happen" she rapped on.

"Please. I don't understand" I wept. The voices of men barging into the house made me tear from the floor and run to Autumn room. She was wide awake now and sitting on her bed. Her eyes widened when she saw the blood on my hand.

"Mommy" she shrieked and ran into my arms.

"Get away from my grand daughter" I was pulled away by Mrs Neveah. Huge men gripped my hand with handcuffs. I knew everything that was going on but I was just too confused to even speak. I just kept crying. I was led downstairs.

"Where are you taking my mommy?" Autumn screamed. She was running down the stairs. Her grandma was running after her trying to hold her.

"Please, let me talk to my daughter" I wept.

"Silence. Anything you say now will be used against you in the court of law" The police man said. I was shoved into the back of a van. I kicked and pushed as tears rolled down my face. 

My vision was blurred but I could see Autumn running toward the car as it drove off. She landed on the stone floor and more tears rolled to my cheeks. Autumn.

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