Chapter 51

My wife, my wife! It kept ringing in my head that were fooling the old woman. Well, she's not that old. Aside from her fancy looking great hair, she's got an angels face, so young and pretty like a sweet sixteen.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs Grayson". I finally spoke, stretching my arms out to her, not sure if that was the best thing to do, but I did it anyway and now, she's looking at me as if I'm the world's biggest clown.

She turned to Lucas. "Cassy is here. Did you know?"

Cassy?! My heart beat faster, three times more than it should, normally. Lucas eyes cross over, a little frown on his face as he glared at his mother.

"I just introduced you to my wife and you bring up Cassy?" He huffs at her. The older woman like perplexed as she stared at her son, her yes wide opened.

"I don't know this girl, son. Now, you can't just take any girl you see in a bar and wife her. That's not how I r

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