Omega to Luna
Omega to Luna
Author: Tas

Chapter One

Some might think that living in a pack is one of the best things that could happen to a person. You've got family and friends surrounding you at all times. But for me, I was the Omega. I was the slave/training dummy that everyone passed around. Plus, the Alpha would use me for his sexual pleasure. Him, being an unmated Alpha, his hormones are all over the place and he has no one to tell him no. 

I'm just his toy.

I have to say though, Alpha Kane was something to look at. I might be one lucky girl to bed him, other than the fact that it isn't my choice.

That's kinda a downfall.

Geez, where are my manners! I'm Nicole Valentine. I was born in Dripping Fang pack, 2nd most powerful in the world. I was born of two brilliant people. Courtney and Terrence Valentine. Though I never met my father, my mother would always tell me his story. My father was one of the best trackers in the pack. He was beloved by all. After he passed no one looked at us the same. They saw us as worthless without him. That is how we became omegas. On the rare chance of someone having sympathy for my mother and me, someone else would tell us off quickly. I've become numb to the constant hate surrounding us. 

Today was just another blurred day. I had my mother's features. Black hair that hadn't been cut in so long that it curled up around my waist and her striking green eyes. Nothing to remember my father by. My mother and I were housed at the back of the pack, lost within the shroud of dense trees in a small dismantled cabin. My mother was standing in the kitchen over the stove. She shifted her weight over to her other leg and stirred whatever was in the pan.

"Morning mamma," I planted a kiss on her cheek and peek over her shoulder into the pan of sizzling cheesy scrambled eggs. 

"Good morning love," she greeted back with a smile. Even in the worst place in town, she still had a smile light up a room. The sun must be jealous. 

"Allow me," I slipped the spatula out of her hand and slid in front of her. She chuckled and pulled the peanut butter out of the cabinet. Opening it for me, she shoved a spoon in it and turned to grab some cups. I picked up the spoon and began to eat the peanut butter while flipping the eggs.

"Did you sleep well dear?" She quirked while setting the table. I slid the eggs onto some plates and twirled toward the table.

"Like a baby, you?" I said around the spoon. Though it was a lie, I didn't need her to know how horribly I sleep on that stone mattress of mine. 

"Not too bad, that mattress isn't the best." I chuckled. How ironic. She handed my glass to me after I took my seat across from her. We ate in comfortable silence for a while until she broke it with the usual morning motivation. 

"You know, when you find your mate he's going to swoop you off your feet and away from here." She cupped my cheek and her olive aging face frowned. I sucked in a tear and cleared my throat.

"I'm not going anywhere without you. You know that." She looked down with conflict pushing at her features. We both knew she was sick, but I wouldn't let that defeat me so easily. We both jumped when the door slammed open. It smacked into the wall and squealed in horror. A man ducked under the frame, a mic in his ear and a bald shinning head on his shoulders.

"Let's go." He grabbed my arm and ripped me from my seat. I hissed and reached out for my mother's hand. 

"Nicole!" She lunged toward me but the man threw me over his shoulder.

"I love you!" I squealed.

"Stay." He barked at my mom before swiveling toward the car. I saw her face in the doorway so I blew her a quick kiss.

"I'll see you, tomorrow momma!" I yelled back, she waved my off with eyes brimming with tears. He shoved me into the back of the car and sped off before mom could change her mind.

Passing the pack, I envied what I saw. People walking down the street with smiles and no care in the world. Happiness. I heave a heavy sigh and turn away from the window. He slammed on the brakes causing me to slam into the back seat. I groan and grab my throbbing head. He opened the back a roughly grabbed me. Bruises were forming around his fingers. He dragged me toward the Alpha's office. He ran some weird company that I didn't care to look into. I tried to complain when he shoved me into the elevator but it was better for me to keep quiet. There was no law against hitting omegas. People filled into the elevator, a petite girl looked toward me with an arched brow. She looked at the strong grip the man had on me and hissed under her breath. I look away from her, it was bad to stare. I jump when she grabbed my free hand gently. I look up quickly and she whispered "sorry" to me. I smile back sadly but yip when the doors open and I get pulled from the elevator. We walked up to a set of tall doors which he knocks on.

"Come in," Alpha Kane's recognizable voice says from the other side. He pushed the door open and shoved me into the center of the room. I stumble on the rug and crumple to my knees.

"Ah, finally!" The man left instantly. I look up to find him standing behind his desk. His brown glared at something on his desk while he ran a hand through his amber hair, ruining it quickly. He looked up and began to run his eyes along my body.

"I need a stress reliever," he hissed and shoved the paper aside. He could read the distaste on my face and smirked down at me. "Don't be like that," he hummed while lifting me to my feet. He shoved me into the door and breathed down my neck. I cringed away from him. I was used to his tricks by now and nothing he did affected me anymore. Now you might just say "run away from him!" Well, it's not that easy. He loved the hunt, the challenge. I've run a few times, but he always knew I'd come back to my mother. 

"Let's get this over with," I muttered. Anger flashed in his eyes causing me to shrink into my shoulders. 

"Who do you think you are?" He snapped. His claws dug into the door behind me. Chips fell onto the floor. Sorry door!

"I apologize," I looked down at the floor. Though I meant it sarcastically in my head, I had to plead guilty. This man had a temper and has hurt me in the past. I wouldn't want him killing me. 

"You're not gonna fight today?" I shook my head then let it hang.

"No fun. Whatever. Let's do this so I can get back to work." He spoke as if I was the one asking for it. He swiped his desk then shoved me down onto it. His dry chappy lips hit mine without permission. The phone rung beside my head. Growling, he reached up and clicked the speaker button while keeping himself busy with my neck.

"Sir, more pack members from an unknown pack we found at the border again. They killed another one of our citizens too, and on his corpse was a note that said: "We're coming soon." Kane jumped up and grabbed the phone before I could hear what he had said. But I had heard it all and I had gone sheet white.

"Alex, I am busy. Take the citizen to the infirmary, we'll have a funeral for his family this evening." I shut my eyes quickly and began to pant when he hung up the phone. I acted as if I hadn't heard the conversation because I was too lost in the sexual moment. If he knew I heard the conversation-who knew what he'd do.

"Did you hear that?" I shook my head and acted as if I was dizzy. He smirked seductively.

"You liking this?" He whispered and twirled his hand in my hair. He soon lost himself in the sexual activities, while I acted as so.

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You don’t flip scramble eggs
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Yes she is a survivor
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