Author: BooksbyDash
Chapter One


“So, Amara.”

The Vampire whom I sit across from lets my fake name roll off his tongue in the most seductive way. I never give out my real name, Ambrosia, to the undead. Too risky.

Judging by how his eyes are lazily traveling up and down my body, I can see how desperate he is. Yep, this one is looking for an easy screw. To him I’m a pretty brunette in suggestive clothing, in other words easy prey.

What he doesn’t know is that I’m actually the most deadly assassin to the undead. An oxymoron, I know. But either way, my slutty appearance and flirtatious mask is putting him perfectly at ease. After all, he thinks he’s the only one in this bar who knows that creatures of nightmares actually exist, his race being one of the most common. But he’s wrong. I’m here, and I’m most certainly not alone. My best friend, Moss, is at the other end of the bar chatting up a pretty blonde next to him. Although he may look engrossed in the seduction game they are playing, his eyes are darting over to me every fifteen seconds.

“Would you like to get out of here?” The Vampire asks me, curling a finger into my hair and tugging me towards him lightly.

I smile in return, making sure I bite my bottom lip while staring into his eyes. “I’d love nothing more.” 

As I stand up to leave with the blood sucker I spot Moss staring at me. He raises his eyebrows, translating to are you going to be okay?

I wink in response, meaning I’ve got this one covered. Get cleanup crew ready.

Twenty minutes later I’m in the Vampires apartment, and he has his lips locked with mine. I never enjoy making out with the undead, but it’s the easiest way to put them at ease. While his hands are distracted traveling my back, I quickly close my fingers around the silver switch blade I keep in my waistband and attempt to stab it into his heart. Annoyingly so, he evades me, and proves to be a blur of motion.

“Well, this is going to be more fun than usual.” I comment. He tilts his head to the side.

“Praise Satan, you’re Ambrosia- aren’t you?” He questions. I give him an over exaggerated curtsey.

“Guilty as charged, asshole. Now do you want to keep questioning me? Or can we get on with it?”

He smiles before legitimately flying at me. I’ve ever encountered a vampire who could fly before. After jumping out of his way I land a punishing stab in his chest, missing the heart by inches because of his speed. I groan in frustration as I retrieve the knife, and block his many attempts to punch or kick me. His form is sloppy, and his movements are delayed. It's impressively easy to read what he's planning to do next, and therefore counter it.

He's also impressively weak for a vampire. It takes everything inside of me not to laugh at his feeble moves.

Eventually, after several minutes, he manages to land a kick on my midsection that sends me sprawling on the floor.

Looming over me, he offers me a dark smile.

"Your father's been looking for you” he informs me. If I wasn’t attempting to breathe I would snort. No shit, sherlock.

In a last- ditch attempt to kill him I sweep his legs out from under him, straddle him, and attempt to drive the knife home. Unfortunately he chooses this moment to start being a good fighter, managing to flip me over and trap me underneath him. He lands two consecutive punches on my face.

"Imagine all the praise I'll get for delivering Satan's long lost daughter back to him. He has great plans for you, you know. He's been waiting and preparing. Every single one of his creations has eyes peeled for you. You're famous, really."

A blinding rage rises within me. This fucking vampire is glorifying a creature of pure evil.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have a single ounce of morality inside of you?"

"Morality is a virtue, darling. Very few of us have those."

With my newfound anger I flip us over so that I'm straddling him before driving the steak into his heart.

He doesn’t plead. He doesn’t wail. He doesn’t beg for mercy. Instead, as he’s taking his final breaths, he looks deeply into my eyes.

“You’re going straight to hell, Ambrosia. Soon.”

I shrug. “Fine. Save me a spot.”

With several twists of the knife his breathing finally stops.

One Vampire dead, a few thousand to go. I hop off the kitchen counter I was seated on, stretching out my shoulders slightly and cracking my knuckles. I take several deep breaths, reminding myself to stay calm. To suppress my anger.

I'll probably go for another kill tomorrow, so I don't have to hold it down long.

Normally I don't like torturing the supernaturals I kill, but I would have skinned this one alive with a smile.

I call in my cleaning team, and have one of them drop me off to where I parked my car outside of the club in midtown NYC where I met the vamp. From there I drive back to my apartment building.

I normally sleep like a baby after a kill, but tonight I barely sleep. Tonight I dream of all the ugly things that crawl in the night, and I dream that they’re all wanting to drag me to meet my father. I dream that they come into my room and bind and gag me, proceeding to carry me outside into a car. I dream that I’m in the car, blindfolded, for approximately six hours. When I arrive to my destination I’m finally taken out, still blindfolded.

That’s when I hear his voice. It’s a voice that coils around you and pulls you in, managing to entice and terrify you at the same time. It’s a voice that’s the sweetest of poisons and the most deadly of wines. It’s a voice that you can get drunk off of.

It’s the most beautiful voice anyone will ever hear, and it’s beckoning me to come just a little bit closer.

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