Second Chance Alpha-The Bond (#2 book)
Second Chance Alpha-The Bond (#2 book)
Author: Ali_M

Chapter 1

           Jason POV

I sit here in my office at the packhouse, finishing up with paperwork for the day. Now I see what Luke meant about the paperwork being a pain in the ass, but it has to be done. It's my responsibility as alpha to make sure that the pack has everything it needs.

It's been three months since I've taken my rightful place as alpha, leading the pack the way my father taught me to, since I was a little kid, watching him lead the pack. I may have been born to lead, but I don't think I could've been the alpha I needed to be without Kimberly by my side. 

Kimberly wasn't born into this world, but she seems to have adjusted pretty quickly. She has all the qualities of a great Luna. She's a peoples person and the pack loves her. Deep down I always knew there was something special about Kimberly, but I chose to ignore it. She was different from the first day I met her. I summed up her being different on her being human, but it's not because she was human. It's because she's her.

If it wasn't for her, then I'll still be sitting on that couch every night, drinking myself to sleep. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten the answers I needed to Ashley's death. I love Ashley, but's she's now my past. I love Kimberly and I wouldn't trade her for anything or anyone else.

I look over as The office door opens, and a smile tugs at the corners of my lips, watching Kimberly walk through the door. My eyes scan over her body, looking at the dress she's wearing, showing off those nice legs of hers. 

"To what do I owe this visit?" I smirk, leaning back in the chair, watching her make her way over to me.

"This isn't a visit. I came to drag you home for dinner." She smiles, taking a seat on my lap, moving her legs across the armrest of the chair. I glance over at the clock, seeing that I've lost track of time again. Sometimes I get so caught up in this paperwork, and Kim has to come to the packhouse to bring me home.

"I still have more paperwork to finish up for the day." I let out a sigh, knowing if I don't finish up the paperwork, then it will only start to pile up, leaving me with more paperwork to deal with.

"How bout you be a good wolf and come home for dinner and I'll give you a treat later tonight." She smiles, placing a soft kiss on my lips. My body starts to react to the dirty thoughts that are now filling my mind. It doesn't take much for her to get me to react this way.

"How bout you give me my treat now." I place my hand on her knee, and slowly start to drag the tips of my fingers up her smooth thigh, going underneath her dress. I smirk, feeling the way her inner thighs twitch under my touch. I move my hand further until the tips of my fingers make contact with the fabric of her panties.

I inhale, smelling the sweet scent of her arousal, as it starts to fill the air. "You nasty man." She smiles, leaning in, kissing me. Our lips move in sync, fighting for control of the kiss.

I wrap my arms around her waist, lifting us up from the chair. I reach out, brushing all the papers to the side, before sitting her on the desk, as I continue to devour her soft lips, sliding my hand up her thighs, going underneath her dress. I start to place a trail of kisses along her jawline, making my way down her neck.

She takes in a deep breath, letting out a low moan, when my lips make contact with my mark, causing her to tremble with pleasure. Her hands go down to my pants, unbuckling my belt and pants as I hook my fingers into the rim of her panties and start to slide them down.

"Alpha we need you at the border of the road." My beta tells me through the mind link.

"Is this important?" I ask hoping he can take care of whatever he needs me for. I would very much like to continue what I'm doing.

"Yes, someone's asking for you." He replies back through the link. My jaws clench down, forcing myself to pull away for Kim.

"I have to go, Kane needs me at the border for something." I remove my hands from underneath her dress and start to fix my pants. 

She let out a low growl, giving me a glare. 

Along with developing a few of the werewolf traits, she also picked up a few of our habits from being around us wolves, like growling. She may not have an inner wolf, but that growl of her is beginning to sound pretty animalistic.

"You shouldn't start things you can't finish." She gives me another glare, getting down from the desk. She pulls her panties back up, fixing her dress on her. 

I smirk, seeing that she want to finish what we started here just as much as I do, but duty calls. "I will most definitely be finishing this. I'll meet you back at the house once I'm done." 

"Maybe I won't be in the mood anymore." She gives me a small smirk as she makes her way past me, dragging her finger across my chest.

"I think I can manage to get you back in the mood," I growl out, reaching out grabbing her ass, as she walks past me.

She let out a low chuckle. "We'll see about that." She looks over her shoulder, giving me a smile.

We both leave the packhouse. She heads home, while I get into my car and head to the road borders to see who is this person asking for me. 

As I start to approach the border, I frown seeing Twenty or so SUVs parked on the road outside of our borderlines. Wolves stand on the outside of our borders, growling and flashing teeth, looking to be prepared for a fight.

My pack warriors stand here, answering back with growls of their own. 

I get out of the car and Make my way past my pack warriors. I stop a few feet in front of the alpha male who's standing at the line of our pack's border, glaring at me. 

"Take your men and leave now or die here tonight." I glare back at him, holding his gaze. I give him a flash of teeth, warning him. I don't know this male and I don't know why he's here. He and his men have come here, displaying hostile behavior. We have nothing to talk about. 

"I won't be the one dying here tonight." He let out a growl, holding my gaze, welcoming the fight. "You've broken laws and you're going to pay for it with your li-"

I let out a deep growl cutting him off. "You dare come to my land, threatening and accusing me of false accusations!!" Dominance pours from me as my wolf fights to be let out. My jaws clench down as I take a step towards this male. This male must be mistaken me for someone else, and this mistake is going to cost him his life.

"These aren't false accusations! You took a female while in heat, impregnating her with your bastard pup! My mate! Law forbids for any males to take a female that isn't his mate while she's in heat, but maybe you think you're above the law!" Dominance starts to pour from him, standing his ground, not backing down. 

Wolves on both sides growl and snap at each other, waiting for the signal to sink teeth and claws into flesh. 

I frown at his words. "I've taken no female during her heat!"

"You stand here and lie to my face! It seems like that brother of yours isn't the only one with no honor!" He continues to glare at me.

A deep growl vibrates my chest. "Speak those words again and I'll be sending you to the goddess!" My words come out through clenched teeth. I've had just about enough of this guy. "You've clearly mistaken me for someone else! Take your men and leave. I won't be saying it again!" I warn him as teeth and claws come out.

"I'm not going anywhere! You're going to admit to these crimes! Bring me my slut of a mate!" He says not taking his eyes off me. 

One of his guys shift back and walk over to one of the SUV's, opening the back door. He reaches in, pulling out a female by her arm. The female let out a growl, trying to pull away from the guy, as he brings her over to us. A deep frown creeps onto my face when I see it's Emma. The last time I have seen Emma was when she tried to kill Kimberly. I stand here confused, watching the guy bring her over.

 "By the look on your face, you know exactly who she is." He says.

"I slept with her, but not during her heat." I glare over at Emma, who's now standing next to him, frowning. My eyes move down to her neck, seeing that he has marked her. "If you want the truth, then ask her if I took her during her heat. You have marked her, you'll know if she's lying or not." I glare back over at him. I didn't take her during her heat, so if she's pregnant, I'm not the male he's looking for. 

He glares over at Emma with disgust written all over his face. "Did you give yourself to him during your heat?" I glare back over at her, waiting for her to answer his question.

"No." She glares over at him, before glaring over at me. 

He looks over at me, hearing the truth from Emma. He let out a deep growl, glaring back over at her. "You said that the bastard pup growing inside of you was his!" 

"I-it is his, but I wasn't in heat at the time I gave myself to him." She says. 

"I didn't take you during your heat, so it can't mine." It doesn't get any simpler than that. 

"You're the only male I've given myself to." She says, causing me to frown. Her mate's jaws clench, listening to her, so she must be speaking the truth. But her answers aren't adding up. If she wasn't in heat when she gave herself to me, then how can this be?

"If you didn't take her during her heat, then why's she pregnant with your bastard pup!" He let out a growl, now glaring back over at me.

If what she says about me being the only male she's been with is true, then I don't know how she's pregnant. I didn't take her during her heat. "You've heard the truth. I didn't take her during her heat, and I've broken no laws." He's bonded to her. He has heard the truth from her mouth. 

His jaw clench, looking at me. He has heard the truth from Emma. I didn't take her during her heat. He can take what she had told him and leave or die here with his men tonight.

"I will not provide or have any dealings with her while she carries what's yours!" He grabs Emma by her arm, pushing her across our borders, causing her to let out a whimper. "You take her, and once she has had your bastard pup, I'll be back for her and only her." He gives me one last glare that I return, before he turns, walking away.

Once they all have loaded into the SUV's, driving away, my pack warriors slowly disappear through the thick trees, that's lining the sides of the road. I glare over at Emma who's looking down at her feet. "Did you do what I think you've done?!" There has to be only one explanation for this.

She looks up at me, frowning. "Are you accusing me of collecting your seeds and impregnated myself?"

"Did you!?" I look down at Emma's stomach, not seeing a difference. I try to listen for a second heartbeat, but I'm unable to pick up on anything. Is she even pregnant? I silently ask myself.

Her frown deepens. "Don't flatter yourself. You may be a big bad alpha, but you're not that desirable." She looks me up and down as if I'm below her, before glaring back up at me.

I let out a low growl at her disrespect. I take her by her upper arm. She tries to pull away but is unable to get her arm out my hold as I force her to walk, heading to the car, forcing her inside. 

I mind link the healer, telling her to meet me there as I get into the car heading to the clinic.

Once I get to the clinic, I head into one of the rooms with Emma where the healer is waiting for us. "I need for you to see if she's pregnant." The healer looks over at Emma, before giving me a nod.

"No one here is touching me!" Emma pulls her arm out my grip, glaring at the healer, before glaring over at me.

I let out a deep growl, letting my dominance fill the room. Emma and the healer both bare their necks to me, in submission. "See if she's pregnant," I tell the healer again and watch as she starts to quickly get the machine ready. I take Emma by her arm, leading her over to the exam table. I'm not playing these games with her, I'm going to get to the bottom of this and send her back to her mate.

As the healer goes to lift Emma's shirt, Emma grabs the healer's wrist, letting out a low growl, threatening the healer with a show of teeth. I glare down at Emma laying on the exam table. "Release her, now." My lip pulls back in a snarl, flashing sharp teeth, warning her.

Emma let go of the healer's wrist but continues to glare at her. The healer swallows nervously, looking at Emma, before looking over at me. I give her a nod, telling her to continue.

I stand here watching the healer squeeze gel onto Emma's stomach. As she starts to move a device over Emma's stomach, I glare at the screen, waiting for the healer to say something. "She's definitely pregnant." My jaws clench down after hearing the healer words.

"What did you do?! You weren't in heat when we had sex!" She has to be lying about something, things aren't adding up. 

"I told you I didn't do anything!"

"You're lying! Tell me what you did!!" I let out a deep growl, knowing she has to be lying about something. She has done something and she's going to tell me whatever it is that she has done. 

"Di-did your heat come a few days after you two had sex?" The healer asks Emma, interrupting our glaring match.

Emma glares at me for a second longer, before glaring over at the healer as she wipes the gel off Emma's stomach. 

"Yes," Emma said, answering her question.

The healer now looks over at me. "It rarely happens, but a female heat can come a few days earlier than expected, and all the symptoms of the female's heat can go undetected for those first few days. Females are told not to have sex a week before their heats are scheduled because of that, but since its a rare thing and almost never happens, females still have sex anyways." She looks back over at Emma, giving her a look that says you should've listened. 

My jaws clench down as I run my fingers through my hair as Kim comes to mind. I know this all happened before we fell in love before I marked her, but it still doesn't make it okay. I'll have to do the honorable thing as a male and provide for Emma while she carries my pup. 

I'm sure Kimberly won't be happy about this, especially after Emma tried to kill her the last time they have seen each other.

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shes lying. she had sex with someone else or she took his seed . ugh
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Cynthia Kenoras
Hoping it’s not his …and that everything works out …sadly till it’s born they won’t know
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If his mate isn’t with him how does he know she’s pregnant?

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