Chapter 11 - The Monster

“That’s a lot, Lucky Kid. Now, how do we start a fire again?”

I grabbed two pieces of dry branches and attempted to create a fire by rubbing their surfaces against each other.

Disclaimer first: I didn’t know how to create one, but I at least had an idea based on the books and videos that I had read and watched. It seemed not that complicated, just rubbing two pieces of wood together.

The only lighting that we could get, which helped us in seeing just enough in the dark, was from the flashlight application of our cellphones. They finally had some use. However, it was still cold and we needed a fire to warm ourselves.

It took some more minutes before I got tired and soon gave up. How come it was this difficult? I succumbed to the corner, near the elevator as we were currently staying on the first floor, ashamed of the humiliation I displayed in front of Chevonne. Lucky Kid was trying his best not to laugh at my incompetence.

“Josh, I’ve got some stuff from the fifth floor. Maybe they can
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