Chapter 15 - The Thinkers

“Lucky Kid, do it now!”

The experience was like a rodeo. I was riding this crazily strong, rhino-looking beast for almost five minutes straight while it kept on swaying sideways and jumping up and down, or sometimes, if my senses served me right, a mixture of the two. I was able to keep a firm grip of its horn and it was dashing straight to Chevonne’s way, who somehow lured it to go inside Lucky Kid’s thought, then—BANG!

Before I’d expose what happened next, let me first go back in time.

Right after the giant incident, we moved to somewhere else and stayed for the night. We woke up early and Chevonne was keeping an eye on Lucky Kid who might escape. I got the gist of what was happening and a little bit about the thinker thingy, but I still couldn’t understand why it was happening to me. I mean, I was not a special person to obtain such an extravaganza.

Along our stroll, we heard a strange sound that brought us down to our knees. We hid behind a shrub of berries. Lucky Kid picked and a
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