Chapter 18 - The Artifact

“Chevonne! Look at this!”

How could I not wonder at this scenery? The picturesque view drenched in the moonlight was so majestic that it sipped all my worries and fears that were caused by everything on this island. I had never seen such a bright night in my life. Everything was glowing in lavender, and I could clearly see the details of the area: darkness didn’t mean anything at all. I squinted and found out that the cocohairs were the ones responsible for the wonderful light display. They looked like those candescent Christmas trees in P-mall that were displayed early in September.

The silence of the waterfalls never bothered me that much ever since knowing about strange powers and whatnot from Chevonne, so anything else that would happen that was not normal, was going to be normal for me. I wouldn’t intend to get surprised every time my mind couldn’t perceive nor accept things that normal human beings couldn’t normally do.

That was because I was also not normal. I had a power. I w
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