Chapter 20 - The Battle at the Silent Falls

My head hurt.

My surroundings were a blur, and I found it hard to stand. My ears were ringing. I felt like there was blood flowing out. I tried to lean sideways using my right arm, but the ground was not solid. I touched my head to check some damages.

It hurt.

I twisted my hip and noticed that something was beside me. No, someone.

And she looked familiar.

I shook my head a little bit, and gradually the environment became clearer. I first noticed that everything was dark blue. And very murky.

And that I couldn’t breathe.

Right then, I flew my eyes wide open and flung my hands around the water. Jelly was in suspension, floating beside me, unconscious. I grabbed her by the waist and swam upward, moving some debris away from the path.

The moment my head broke the surface, I hungrily gasped for air. The moonlight rained down on my face then I saw the hillside and swam toward it. I carried her off the water and laid her on the grass. What should I do? Should I perform a CPR?

I couldn’t affo
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