The sunshine was pouring down the holes of the windows right through the translucent curtains of the room. I couldn’t even look outside of it, nor appreciate how picturesque the scenery would be.

I couldn’t move at all. Literally.

I could hear a couple of footsteps outside the room—coming closer. A smile was supposed to flash on my face; however, with my condition, it would be impossible to do so.

Bringing a bouquet of roses and chocolates with her, the person opened the door and sighed slowly and carefully. I knew this because my peripheral vision stretched up to its limits, allowing me to see the person outside. Somehow, she was not blurred. My sight had been improving without my glasses lately.

It had been months since it happened. I could still remember the day of the departure, and the following days I had been here on this bed after what happened on the island.

The person at the door was someone I cared about: my little sister, Molly. I even wished to go back in time and change
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