When Adalyn met Margot
When Adalyn met Margot
Author: Amethyst Periwinkle

•6.00 a.m•

∆ Adalyn's p.o.v ∆

Who would have thought I was going to marry the Shakespeare of my high school.

Today was a big day, I was going to meet his parents for the first time.

Stress was at its paroxysm. Apprehension fulfilled my body as I was getting ready early in the morning so that I did not miss the train to Seattle.

I was in love with him but it seemed as if it was planned. On my 24th birthday, my friends set up a blind date and me being the shy person I was, I didn't decline it and forced a smile to seem happy about it.

Let me say that when I saw Jerry; my husband which at the time I identified as a geek, I was shocked yet it was intriguing. The whole time I spent with him was him bragging about the new investments he made or the new house he was planning to buy and let's just say it was not my cup of tea. Conversations in general were not what I mainly liked so imagine sitting two hours with someone who kept talking non-stop about himself.

Barely 2 months into our relationship, he fell madly in love with me and already wanted to have kids, have a luxurious marriage and so on which I obviously showed that I was not comfortable with but he just acted as if my opinion didn't matter and as long as he was pleased, I should be too. He repeats the same sentence over and over again everytime I try to do something he doesn't have control over. "If you are my wife, just shut up and be perfect". At first I was annoyed and furious but I gave up and let him argue on his own.

I was not the type to appreciate being the center of attention but I got used to it. I got used to everything; being contemplated like I was an object, doing things I didn't necessarily like and even being in love with Jerry. Even if I was not the happiest, I had to live with it.

Sometimes I was depressed by only thinking about the fact I was going to live with Jerry my whole life, that he was going to be the father of my children and after all, I had to get used to it.

I quickly tried to forget about it and reality struck back. I took a deep breath, put on my coat and headed out of my apartment with a huge bag in a my right hand and my smaller one in my left hand.

I kept having speculations about my future but it always ended with me not even caring about my feelings and letting others control it.

I was still a young 24 year old independent woman and yet it seemed that I was completely lost when I had to take decisions about my love life.

I never had a boyfriend in my entire life apart from Jerry. My first kiss was with a girl, we were playing spin the bottle and it obviously had to land on me.

Moreover, it was the only time during my existence that I felt alive. I was fourteen and it was an idiotic game and yet I enjoyed the moment and to this day I still remember that time.

Her name was Palmer. We didn't think much of it at the time and I just thought that since it was my first time, the feeling was different and the fact that it was a girl didn't change anything.

To this day, I still think about that time and what would've happened if it went another way. I immediately forgot about it and focused on the taxi I had to take to arrive at the train station.

I whistled and waved my hand and a taxi was quick to react so I hopped in and told the driver where I was going.

During the trip I decided to listen to some music to avoid social interactions. I plugged in my earphones and put 'hell song' by Collard.

In no time, I had already arrived at my destination. I took out my bags and bought a ticket. I got a refreshment from a nearby vending machine and sat while waiting for my train. It was already 7.00 a.m and it was going to arrive at 7.30 a.m.

Finally meeting Jerry's parents was stressful and I still had to go through it with none of his support since it's 'mandatory' as he said.

I had barely slept last night due to stress, I had tried to drink some coffee but even gallons of it wouldn't have had an effect.

My eyes felt extremely heavy and without even realizing it, I slept for god knows how long. I couldn't control it and it just happened but luckily my saviour was here to save me from this disaster.

I woke up to a charming young woman around I would say 20 years old. She kept repeating something but I couldn't properly hear it. I tried my best but the fatigue was domineering me and I couldn't help it.

When she finally screamed "You missed your train" This is when I realized that I was in a complete monstrous situation. I slowly opened my eyes wider and had lost all hope of arriving to Seattle earlier.

The first thing I noticed was none other than the ticket in the woman's hand. It said: "Departure for train number 5 for Seattle. Time:7.30 a.m"

I couldn't believe I made a stranger miss their train only to wake me up. She was the kindest person I ever met. Grateful didn't seem powerful enough to describe how I felt towards her.

The only words I barely managed to say were "What is your name?". She kept telling me to repeat it over and over again while staying perfectly calm.

When I finally succeeded to say it properly. Her eyes shined bright and a gorgeous smile appeared on her face and she said: "My name is Margot."

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I’m intrigued so far :) I love the names too! I’ll definitely keep reading.

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