Darkest Shade Of Love
Darkest Shade Of Love
Author: A_rebelliousdreamer


''The city of fashion And Love''

It was a big grand evening the biggest fashion show ''Paris Fashion Week''was going on.The crowded hall was jam-packed with fashion experts around the world

and cameras.

Tall slender models were representing the outfits by famous designers under the illuminating lights.

At last it was the turn for the young designer who was not one of them.A girl who kept her true identity secret from the world.

The host announced.

'' Alors, nous allons avec la collection exclusive du talentueux designer indien Tanya Singh ... et une jeune indienne va le présenter''

( so here we go with the exclusive collection by talented Indian designer Tanya Singh..and a young Indian lady is going to present it).

And....a beautiful brown skinned young diva stepped on the ramp.She has confident attitude on her face.The lights focused on her.Eye blinding camera flashes to capture the beauty of the night to adore the cover page of the magazines .

The hall echoed with applause.Some have genuine smiles draped on while some feel jealous specially the females who dreamt to be the one.

Everybody was praising the young lady.

She had a different kind aura of feminine glory not like other

models who were just not less than a wax statue walking like robots.

The event got over and everybody was taking interview of Tanya Singh the designer and the show stopper

''Sanyukta Agrawal''.

They were giving answers to the questions of media people when a reporter of ''Vogue Magazine '' asked her a question.

'' Mlle Vous êtes un modèle parfait et un ingénieur aussi, comme nous le savons tous sur vous. Paris est aussi la ville de l'amour ... alors, quelle est votre pensée à votre véritable amour."

( Miss You are a perfect model and an engineer too as we all know about you. Paris is the city of love also...so what's your thought about your true love)

She smiled and replied ''Eh bien, je n'ai pas encore trouvé mon vrai amour, mais chaque fois que je le rencontre ... mon cœur reconnaîtra ce sentiment. Je veux ressentir l'ombre la plus sombre de l'amour dont très peu d'expérience.

( well I didn't find my true love yet but whenever I'll meet him...my heart will recognize that feeling. I want to feel the darkest shade of love which very few experience).

She got up from her seat and walks out of the auditorium

but she turns around to answer their questioning

gaze at her retreating figure.

'' Je suis ingénieur de profession, je me suis retrouvé en retard pour mon dévouement mon premier génie d'amour. Ma biss me déchira si je serais en retard.''

( I am an engineer by profession,I am getting late for my devotion my first love engineering.My boss will fire me if I would be late.)Saying this she drive away.

A reporter asks Tanya about Sanyukta,''She is equally

devoted to engineering quite opposite to modeling!''

''She is like this only'',Tanya replies with a pride."Perhaps this is the reason of her success in quite a young age."

Same Night...

Sanyukta sighed scratching her nape .She was exhausted by the hectic day .When she walked out of her office building her phone rang .She took out her phone from her bag .Tanya's number displayed on the screen.

"Hey..Tani",she adjusted the phone between her head and shoulder to unlock her car.

"Come to your place.. quickly sweetheart our whole gang is here to celebrate.."Tani shouted .The loud music and their friends' voices could be heard .

"Yeah coming.."she breathed out as she settled herself on driving seat.

"Don't tell me your asshole Boss screwed your mood by his stupid assignments..for God's sake doesn't he has other employees to suck their blood.."Tanya groaned.

"Well he isn't the reason today..I am just tired.. listen I am driving and will be there in ten minutes.."she cut the call and threw her phone on passenger's seat.

"Life can't be without stress.."she murmured to herself listening to the soft music that played on station.

She parked her car inside her building premises and entered in the elevator to reach her apartment which was on 18th floor.She liked the height from where she could had the city view.

On reaching at her apartment's door.She rang the bell .It was opened by one of her friend Matt.

"L'Amour.."he said in his cheesy voice .

He leant on the door.His eyes stuck on me like a harmonious high school teenager.

She knew he always had a crush on her but considered him as a friend only.He asked her for a date quite few times and she refused everytime.

Things would be going to be complicated only in future.She didn't want him to fall in love which she could never reciprocate.

"Its sound pathetic Matt..why don't you try your luck on Macy..We all know she is mad about you.."She pushed him to enter in her own house.

"That's rude.."he followed her.

"No Matt I am your friend and always wish best for you..and the girl over there.."Sanyukta pointed at the girl with soft orange hair and pale white skin .She was dancing with our other friends."She is the one you should consider ."

"You can't understand.. because you never was in love.."she heard him whispering.

She felt guilty of rejecting him time and again but the thought was subsided when their friends jumped on her.

"Hey girl you rocked it today.."they cheered.

"Thanks guys..it was impossible without your support .You all are my back bone.."She had tears in her eyes watching her six friends Matt,Tani,Jayden,Macy,Carmel and Jamey.

"Hey baby girl it's not your funeral..okay don't spoil our mood we are here to party till our asses tired.."Jayden pulled her into a bear hug.

She loved him as her brother.It was true he acted like a protective elder brother for her.

"C'mon San..here you go.."Carmel handed her the bottle of bear to open the cork.

She gave them her brightest smile and did the honour.

The party went on around two when finally all of them dozed off on the floor.


So here is the first part of my new Sandhir Story.

It is the introduction part of the female protagonist

''Sanyukta Agrawal.''

Please feedback me your views should I continue or not?

Next part will be His intro but on the condition when I'll get your views.

Do vote also if you like this story is totally different

from my other works.

~~Shrinkhla Singh😃😃😃 

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Doris Harris
Grammatical errors all over this story, very hard to follow.

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