Chapter Two

I walked into his office since mine was completely inside his, separated by a glass wall so he could see what I was doing.

I noticed him sitting on his chair with his legs crossed on the table, a tabloid blocked his face from noticing me.

I quietly shut the door so he wouldn't notice me, mentally deciding to tiptoe to my office, tightly gripping my bag and an envelope that I was holding, raising them above a little.

"And where do you think you're going?" His voice suddenly caused me to involuntarily shriek.

I cussed underneath my breath. I turned to look at him. He had his gaze burning on me, giving me an inauspicious, questioning look. A smirk seemed to be coming on his lips but I guessed he was trying to hide it.

"Hi." I said slowly with a fake enthusiastic smile.

"You're late." He painted a sinister smirk on his face. He probably couldn't hide it anymore.

"Late?" I folded my arms across my chest.

"Yes baby." He nodded his head, came to meet me, wrapped his arm around my waist, gently stroking my hair with the fingers of his other hand.

I heaved a frustrated sigh of defeat. "I'm sorry." I said, tried to shake myself from off his grip.

"That's my girl." He patted my head like I was his dog, which would have made things better if I was, slightly released me from his grip.

"I have to go now." I forced a smile, "I have some unfinished work to do." I rolled my eyes. I was already tired of acting sweet.

"No, you don't." He covered my mouth with his hand so I couldn't retort or say anything. "I missed you so much." He made his grip around my waist tighter, almost digging his fingers into my skin which couldn't happen successfully because of one of my mother's furry white designer gown that was too thick for his long fingernails to dig through.

I nibbled on my lower lip in disgust. I knew I couldn't disagree with whatever he had to say. I just needed to escape from this by doing what he wanted me to do on time. The earlier the better.

"I missed you, so, you'll have to fill the gap of the time you left and sit on my lap while I work on my laptop." He grinned, made a firm grip around my wrist, relieving me of his torturous wrap around my waist.

"What?!" I hollered in obvious disapproval. "Why?" I said softly, not really surprised because it wasn't the first, second or even the third time but, I still needed confirmation of how he derived joy from making my life a mess and increasing my hatred for him.

"I really miss your presence and you make me feel happy so I can satisfy myself by giving you enough kisses anytime I want, while working." He grinned, gently took off his suit, placed it on a grey three-seater leather chair, towards his office table, forming a u-shape with the other couch and a rectangular glass table at its centre.

"But Justin!" I shook my head in a frustrated anguish, considering arguing with him in order to make him realise how stupid he was but I didn't think he had any brains for any form of realization. He was a man of his words. His 'yes' remained his yes and his 'no' remained his no. He was extremely stubborn.

He pulled me to his seat before I could utter any more words. He forcefully put me on his lap and started working on his laptop.

I heaved a sigh, rolled my eyes in vanquish. "I hate you." I arched my back to get a comfortable position on his lap.

"I love you too, Eve." He said with a genuine registered tone, kissed my cheek earnestly.

"Now, can I go to work?" I rolled my eyes, crossed my arms on my chest, giving his dangerous death glares but he wasn't paying attention to me but his apple laptop.

"No," he stated, still focusing his attention on his laptop. "You can have this little guy, it'll keep you working." He handed a gamepad to me. It was definitely expensive and of good features.

I bit back the smile in me, resisting the urge to thank him. I collected the game pad from him gratefully.

"Whatever, it doesn't mean anything," I lied, trying my best to not show any sign of appreciation when I knew how great it was to me. I loved playing games and I guessed Justin knew it.

I swiped on the gamepad's screen to open it and it did not have a password. It was filled with a lot of games I always wished to play. It made me feel special.

I looked up at Justin and he immediately diverted his gaze from me and punched his laptop keys like it was the greatest thing he could achieve.

I chuckled at his action and his lips slowly twitched into a smile, advertising the cutest and deep dimple on his cheeks. Did I just compliment this asshole?

I continued playing the game but froze when his arms embraced my waist. He gave me a deep, hungry kiss like he owned me which he kind of did.

His kiss was taking longer than usual, so I tried to stand up to break it but he possessively grabbed my wrist, tugged me to sit on his lap again.

It was really crazy and I hated it already, again. I could feel his heart beating faster than normal, he was sweating profusely. I was really scared now. He seemed like a demon trying to catch its prey.

"Leave me," I hollered but he shut me up by entrapping my mouth with his.

He seemed like he was trying to catch his breath but he didn't break the kiss, he was caressing my cheek, having his other arm in a tight embrace around my waist.

"I love you, Eve." He breathed out, still in the kiss. "I'm sorry but I can't control myself. You're damn fucking beautiful."

"Justin!" I howled, getting really scared at that moment. It was becoming too crazy. Justin hadn't touched me in such a manner and I knew it was definitely going to lead to something else this time.

Luckily, my phone rang which seemed to distract him but he didn't break the kiss. I reached for my phone, it was Caramel calling. She had probably found the perfect job and escape way for me.

He grabbed my phone and tossed it towards the door, shattering the poor phone which was already terrible from its different malfunctioning. It was only for calling and sending text messages. It couldn't save apps or activate social media.

"Justin," I scolded angrily, trying to fight him, "let me go." I yelled. I knew it was pointless to try to fight back but there was no crime in trying. I tried to kick him but he locked my legs between his.

The door suddenly opened which caused the both of us to flinch and turn our gaze to the door. It was Mitchell Anderson. I rolled my eyes at her, immediately stood up from Justin's lap, adjusted my gown from its foldings.

Mitchell was Justin's so-called best friend. Justin was too dumb and naive to know that she had one huge, crazy crush on him. I bet, it had never occurred to him that she was crazily in love with him. They should probably get married. Two dumb, crazily obsessed morons.

I adjusted my office gown, forcefully took my bag from Justin's table. I couldn't recall keeping it there.

"Oh, hi!" Mitchell said, giving the best acted fake-sweet smile. "I see you're being romantic here." Jealousy was completely stamped on her tone.

I involuntarily rolled my eyes at her and she noticed me, shot me a questioning, who-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are glare, but she quickly changed it to the sweetest smile ever. If I wasn't smart enough like Justin, I would have bought that as the smile of an angel.

She walked in slowly, swaying her hips obviously to seek Justin's attention, she twirled a few strands of her hair around her index finger seductively. She was actually more beautiful than I am. She was wearing a red furry dress that ended way above her knees, showing her perfect thighs and model-like legs. She wasn't really curvy like me but her physique perfected it all. She was obviously having a good, exorbitant body care, her beautiful, fresh skin compared to mine. I hadn't used a proper body lotion in weeks now. Her expensive makeup, blue eyes, glorious blonde hair, perfect teeth and well-defined body was the direct opposite of mine.

"How have you been sugar chocolate boo bear." She pouted her lips adorably. I felt like throwing up at her acting. She should have learnt theatre art.

"Hey darling." Justin said, causing her to blush. Well, Justin said that to all girls so she shouldn't feel special.

"You're still as beautiful as ever." She beamed at Justin, turned to look at me with the most disgusting, whacking look.

She eyed me from head to toe, "who's she?" She frowned even when she knew who I was. I had seen her with Justin billions of times and she had also come to me to tell me dumb things about how Justin should know that she came for him specially when he wasn't in his office, trying to act like his girlfriend and other shit like that.

"She?" Justin stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, it obviously caused Mitchell to scrunch her face into a wince and it made me feel a little bit proud.

"She's my girlfriend." He added. I turned to look at him. I should have been angry but it made me feel happy that he said that to her face.

"Justin?" I said with a fake anger. "I'm not." I blushed, making sure to make Mitchell crazily jealous because that was what she deserved.

He craned his head to plant a soft kiss on my neck, whispered into my ears, "Don't forget that the contract also states that when I introduce you as my girlfriend or wife, you agree." He looked at me with a smirk. I immediately shot him a real frown.

He wrapped his arms around my waist again. "I love you baby." He kissed my neck, causing me to flinch.

A bang on the table caused us to flinch and turn our gaze to it. Mitchell had hit her bag on the table and stood up with furrowed brows.

"This is crazy!" She yelled then immediately adjusted to her angel act, "you know what," she bit her lower lip, looked away. "I don't think you need me here." She turned to her heels but Justin immediately held her wrist, causing her to come to a halt.

"Mitchell, what's wrong?" He asked in the dopiest manner I had ever seen. I rolled my eyes at their dumb action.

"I thought she was a mere secretary when I last saw her but now it's a different case." She frowned.

"I don't see a reason for you to be angry but Eve is the world to me." He said genuinely, causing my face to go red hot.

She glanced at me, eyed me from top to toe with an irritated look on her face. She heaved a sigh then widened her eyes into her angelic beam.

"I'm sorry, Justin. You know I'm your best friend and I worry about you a lot." She said, trying to force every muscle of her face to smile at me. "I'm Mitchell." She said, like I didn't know that already. She furrowed her brows at me when I rolled my eyes. She stretched her hand forward for a handshake.

"I'm Eve." I accepted her handshake, wishing I could squeeze that perfectly manicured hand to break her bones. I widened my eyes when it felt like that's what she was doing to me and immediately withdrew my hand.

"Justin, I've been so bored these days." She said glumly, also withdrawing her hand quickly in an irritated manner, from the handshake. I knew she would think I was low class from my ugly fingers.

"Why?" Justin beamed, slinging one arm around her shoulder.

She grinned, held his perfectly developed bicep muscle, swaying her shoulders like that of a child asking his mother to buy him a candy.

"I have been so lonely and I need company." She shot me a sinister look that I wondered why Justin never noticed those looks or he was probably ignoring it because he felt... that was how I should be treated.

I looked at Justin, he was questioning me with his eyes if I gave him permission to go. He was so stupid. Why would I not want him to leave? But, him leaving with Mitchell was not something I wanted.

I heaved a sigh, nodded my head in agreement. He grinned and mouthed a 'thank you'. "Okay, sure." He said to Mitchell.

"Yes!" She squealed, scuttled out of the office, tugging him with her.

Justin turned his head to me, mouthed a 'I love you', gave me an air kiss, which caused me to blush and I definitely slapped myself for doing that.

A/n: Thanks to all of my lovely readers for reading this book. I'm really grateful for that. This book is not fully edited so please ignore any errors of any sort. I hope you enjoy the book and you can leave a review if you want to (they make me happy). Just remember that I love y'all so much for deciding to read this book 😘. Have fun reading!

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Marcie Hutchison
were the country where we sit on Santa's lap once a year for pictures. s meaning pictures are plural lap is one position just because a one seater chair has four legs doesn't th make it a chairs.
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A lap refers to a position not how many legs are involved.
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one man one lap several men several laps. I've never heard any American or British compatriots refer to a person's lap as laps. S points to there being more than one.

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