Chapter Three

I walked into the living room. I was a little bit happy at work today because that rascal in a deranged excuse of a boss was not around.

I threw my bag to a couch, adding to the pile of stinky things on it. I couldn't see it clearly because everywhere was almost completely dark.

I scrunched up my face in disgust when the grubby smell of the living room atmosphere swayed into my snoot. I tried to locate the switch, hovered on the couch and any other object towards the direction of the switch. My leg hit an hard object, causing me to grumble in a nugatory cavalry. I immediately located the switch, turned in on. I noticed the object I had hit my leg on. It was an exorbitant, pulchritudinous stool that belonged to Caramel.

I sat on the couch, looked around at the conspicuously grubby living room. It was weird because Caramel was never like that, she was always clean. She could even clean a fly if she scrutinised it.

I rested my head on a pile of dirty clothes, which raised my head up like the job of a pillow, I ignored its terrible stink, relieving myself of the stress of the day.

A loud music was playing from the next compound. It was quite relaxing, so I shut my eyes to swim in its melody.

"Wake up!" An hassle tapped me continuously, bugging me enough to kick the sweetness out of my dream. I groaned in annoyance, turned to make myself comfortable and free myself from the tapping.

"Eve!" The familiar voice screamed in my ear, automatically woke me up. I could obviously tell that it was Caramel.

I blinked, blinked again, blinked multiple times more to get the sleep off my eyes. "What?" I said softer than I imagined. I wanted to yell but I was too tired.

"Good news!" She beamed and anyone could obviously read happiness from that look. I smiled, hoping it was going to be an actual good news. "I got you a new job." She grinned in excitement. Her news wasn't as good as I expected but I didn't want to ruin her mood.

"Really?!" I smiled rather happily than worried. "Where? When? So fast?" I grimaced, not completely interested in what I asked, slowly sat up, rested my elbow on the pile of clothes.

"I sent the necessary form to your email." She creased her brows. "I also called you about a billion times." She folded her arms across her chest, squeezing and raising her enormous boobs.

I chuckled at her reaction, "I was-" I scratched the back of my neck nervously. I didn't want to tell her about the incident with Justin. She would go nuts or burst into tears and not let me go to work again. "I was busy." I lied.

"But, you should have at least answered my phone call." She frowned. My phone had been destroyed when Justin threw it. I couldn't answer or see any call but I knew that someone was calling.

"Check your email," she grinned. "You'll be marveled." She twirled a few strands of her hair around her index finger, batting her eyelashes, clearly proud of herself for helping me out.

"I... I... Your... My email-" I stuttered, thinking of what to say. That's why I hated lies. They always led to another one. "I'm so tired. I'll do that tomorrow." I finally concluded.

Her smile turned upside down. She obviously wanted to argue over it but seemed to think about it. "Oh." She muttered. "Whatever. Till tomorrow then." She shrugged, took the television remote and turned it on. It was playing Spongebob Squarepants while she sang along with the song.

I rolled my eyes, tried to pay attention to the neighbour's music that was now faint because of our television. I managed to pick up with it and sank into the embrace of its melody. I didn't know when I slept off.


"So, here's the plan." Caramel said, served my plates with some Bacon and eggs, filled our mugs with coffee. I began to stuff the food into my mouth.

"What's the plan?" I managed to say with my mouth totally stuffed with food.

"Calm down girl. The food isn't running away." She chuckled, turned to sit on another dining chair.

"I'm going to be late." I frowned, not at her but Justin.


"Where do you think you're going?" Justin gruffed when I entered the office.

"What sort of question is that?" I frowned, folded my arms across my chest loathly.

"The time is 9:00am!" He hollered, causing me to flinch.

"So?" I said  in a shaky voice. I wanted to act bold but he seemed like a devil sweating profusely under the freezing air conditioner, equalising the glorious scent of the supposed steep air freshener.

"So?!" He hollered, headed towards me, grabbed my arm, causing my bag to fall from my hand.

"Justin!" I said softly, feeling very scared at that moment from his look, mood and action.

"You're too rude!" He lifted me to sit on his office table, wrapped his arms around my waist, forcefully pressing a rough kiss on my lips. "Do you know how much I missed you?" He asked rhetorically.

"I was only gone for a day because you don't allow me to have a proper weekend break except Sundays." I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up," he was sweating like he was in hell. "I love you more than you can ever imagine." His eyes were red hot. I had to swallow the lump in my throat. I knew that if I said anything more, he could go more crazy.

"I'm sorry," I breathed out, finally giving up on making any more arguments with him since it didn't seem like he was ready to listen to anything.

A deadly, sinister smirk appeared on his face. "That's more like it," he kissed my cheeks passionately. "I might soon consider cancelling your Sunday break." He stroked my hair gently. "And, you have to get to work before 8:00 am."

Tears rolled down my cheeks because I knew that I was helpless and he was obviously getting a felicity from it. "But why Justin?"

"Because I love you." He said warmly, kissed my cheeks earnestly...

End of flashback...

"Hey!" Caramel snapped at me, shooting me a 'what's going on' look.

I forced a smile, shook my head in abash. "It's nothing." She didn't look convinced. "I was just thinking about the new job and how it should go." I lied.

"That's what I was explaining until I realised that I was talking to myself and the meal." She frowned, took a mouthful of her Bacon and egg.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" I showed interest, playing my food with my spoon.

"I said, you are going to disappoint your boss in many ways that he'll start to lose interest in you." She smiled, looked around the extremely small, circular dining table with only three old, mismatched chairs around it.

"I don't think he will," I said sincerely, taking the remnant of my food.

"Be positive." She frowned, a loud burp escaped her mouth causing me to furrow my brows at her. "Oh, sorry." She apologised casually.

"Remember you said he has a best friend, Mitchell?" She smirked which was very unlike her and it explained that she meant serious business.

"Yes," I said slowly, widened my eyes, nodding my head.

"Good. And, she loves him, right?" She asked rhetorically. "We'll bring her into the picture." She snapped.

"What?! No way!" I stood up, clutched my bag. "Mitchell is not going to be involved in this. I hate her." I gruffed.

"Okay," she raised her hands up in defeat or confusion. "I'll handle this. I promise." She smirked.

I went out of the house, walked for a few minutes before stopping a cab.

The weirdly hot driver seemed to look at me seductively every second through the rearview mirror. When he looked at me again, I shook my head in a threatening manner. He immediately swung his head, tightened his grip on the wheels and didn't look at me again or maybe I didn't notice him do.

Finally, we got to my workplace, I paid him.

"Thanks, beautiful." His lips curved into a simper, causing me to blush. I didn't see myself as beautiful but a worthless, unlucky crap. He would be dead meat if Justin heard him say that.

I entered the elevator, got to the 25th floor which was where mine and Justin's office was. People were chatting with one another, being formal, some informal, women giggling. Some young women about their early twenties with their faces painted with so much makeup that I would have guessed there were the Barbie dolls look alike. Some of them seemed to shoot me dirty looks, probably chatting up about me. They were all jealous that I was the one working with Justin and not them. Stupid.

I rolled my eyes, turned my office door knob, shoved it open. I got in, made sure to lock the door to stop those women or their giggling from disturbing my intended work.

I grinned when I noticed that Justin wasn't in his office. Freedom! I happily went to lay on the black leather chair amongst five of them, at the center of the room, having a U-shape with a rectangular glass table amid the chairs. I rested my head on a heart-shaped cushion and turned on the music of a little speaker on a stool by the side of the chair. I turned the volume of the speaker low so it wouldn't cause noise pollution, and seem like a lullaby. I gradually swept into its embrace.

I felt a hot breath disseminating on my face. It smelt like a mint, I couldn't tell its flavor but it was awesome. It smelled like I was in a world of happiness, causing me to smile, my eyes were still shut. It became closer and I could feel a shade over my face. Suddenly, I felt a disturbing, wet smooch on my lips. I widened my eyes in awe.

I flicked my eyes open, shocked at the incident but with everything in me, I knew it was Justin. And, he didn't prove me wrong.

"Justin!" I exclaimed. "What the hell are you, goddamn asshole doing here?" I tried to stand but he pinned me back to the chair I was lying on.

"This is my office so I should obviously be here." He grinned from ear to ear, sat me up, having his firm grasp on my waist so I wouldn't escape. He sat beside me on the chair, tucked a few strands of my hair to the back of my ear.

"I love you, Eve." He hugged me. I reluctantly returned the hug. His hug grew tighter and I could almost say that his long fingernails were digging into the skin of my back.

"Justin!" I howled in pain, pushing him a little but his rock-like, well-built, masculine body didn't move an inch.

"Why, Eve?" He said, forlornness was registered in his tone.

It made me feel quite sad, "What's wrong, Justin?" I asked with genuine concern.

"Why do you hate me so much that you want to leave me?" He sobbed.

I freed myself from the hug and looked at him, he seemed hurt. His eyes were red, he was sweating. I didn't like when he was in such mood. I tried to escape, stood up but he immediately grabbed my wrist, tugged me to sit back, cupped my face with his hands, tightly.

"Why do you always hurt me? Why don't you even try to consider me? Am I that worthless to you that you plan on running away and getting rid of me completely?" He bit his lower lip tightly and it started to bleed. "Why? Why?" He hollered.

"What are you talking about?" I knew he was talking about my new job. How did he know about it? I tried to play dumb, quivering in the shadow my fear.

"Eve," he threw me from his grip, causing me to sprawl over the floor. "Do you seriously think that I am that stupid?!" He sniggered in obvious disbelief, stood up, walking slowly to be standing above my head.

I immediately stood up, tears dropping from my eyes. I didn't like when people were hurt, especially when it was because of me.

"I'm– I don't know exactly what you're saying." I said with quivering lips but I knew that he knew the truth when I looked at the furious expression on his face. "Justin," I said slowly. "Calm down, okay?" I moved slowly closer to him, reluctantly cupping his face with my palms.

"Eve," he grimaced. "I'm sorry to say but-" he paused, looked at me innocently.

"But what?" I asked for confirmation of my thought, my whole body was uncontrollably shaking.

He looked at me, heaved a deep sigh. He seemed to have calmed down. He held my wrists, removing my hands from his face. "You know I've always been stalking you?" He asked rhetorically. "And, I know your stupid plan." He smirked playfully.

"Are you crazy?" I hollered in a partial astonishment. I kind of knew that Justin was stalking me so it wasn't much of a big deal to me again but I had to show my disagreement even when I knew that it didn't matter to Justin.

"Don't you dare blame me." He frowned again. I preferred the sweet emotional Justin. "I did it for situations like this. You can't blame me." He turned around, placed his hands into his front pockets. It made him look like those hot models but I had to brush the thought off.

I heaved a sigh of vanquish. "I'm sorry." I rubbed my palms together like I was feeling cold but I wasn't, gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Don't you ever try something like that or I promise you that you'll see the worse of me. Don't forget your parents' lives are indirectly in my hands." He gave me a shit-eating grin, wrapped his arms around my waist, giving me a wet smooch on the lips. The little worry, care I was having for him immediately erased into a deep frown.

That reminded me, I had to visit my parents. It's been a week since I last saw them.

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