Chapter 57

POV Dean

I was true to my word and Willow and I spent the next few days in our bed. We had food delivered outside our door. It was the best. We slept together, ate together, bathed together. We talked about any and every thing we could think of. Of course, we fucked and made love all the time too.

Lee and Livia were more than capable of watching over the pack for Willow while we were... busy. Livia was overjoyed at our new status, Lee was.... well, Lee tolerated it and didn't say anything.

The next morning, we both discovered we were stronger than before. I felt more powerful, like I could fight a hundred wolves and not get tired. We didn't really try out our powers then though. We had more important matters to attend to.

After a few days, it was time to go back to reality though I wasn't ready. I could have spent years alone with Willow like that and not gotten bored. She was always interesting to me. There was always something else to

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Victoria Krechting
yes they are finaly together

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