Chapter 59

POV Dean

I put my arm around Willow and led everyone to the pack's ceremonial grounds. I grinned when I saw the rest of both the Moonstone and the Darkstar pack members already there. There was a hush as we neared. Alpha Zack, Luna Tracy, Devon and Lemon all walked up to the side where there was special seating for them as Luna Rose joined the other pack members.

Livia, Lee, Liam, Sage, Dad, Mom, Willow and I all walked up to the stage. The four beta's sat in chairs as Willow and I stood up to the microphone. My parents stood behind us. While Dad was still our Alpha, he had decided that he wanted me to run this ceremony. He was planning to hand over the Alpha title to me in the next few months after the transition. I nodded at Willow to begin and she grinned. I returned her smile and held her hand as she looked out over the pack members.

"Welcome Darkstar and Moonstone packs. Your Alphas and future Alpha are blessed by the Moon Goddess to have y

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