Chapter 2

POV Dean

I sighed as we pulled up to the little school.

"Do we really have to do this, Dad?" I complained.

"Yes! Stop whining. The Shadow pack may be small and weak but they've done something here that no other pack has done. Imagine, being able to live without hiding who we are day in and day out? We are honored that we get to experience that for a few weeks. Learn, my boy. You might be surprised" My dad snarled as we got out of the car.

Dad was always grumpy when we traveled.

His Beta, Ben nodded in agreement while his son, my beta and best friend, Liam chuckled at me. I glared at him and he smiled. His dark hair, eyes and complexion all sparkled in the early morning light. I drug my hands through my dark curls and rolled my green eyes at him in frustration.

We were members of the Dark Star pack, the most ruthless and fiercest pack in the world. I seriously doubted that we could learn much from this little, backwater pack but I decided to do my duty and followed them in. We were touring along with Moonstone pack. Their pack was our closest allies and we had decided that it would be good to tour these smaller packs together. Something that both Liam and I were happy about since we were good friends with the Alpha's son, Sam and the Beta's daughter, Ashleigh and we were all the same age. At least we could all hang out together in this hovel even if Ash and Liam only complained about missing their mates back home. Sam and I could party with these girls, country girls were always hot.

As we walked into the school, my wolf, Trevor stirred but I ignored him. He hated traveling and was always in a bad mood while we visited other packs. He said that he felt exposed in another packs territory. The only time that he was okay traveling was when we were going around last year and that was because there was a chance that we would find our mate and I seriously doubted that we would find our Mate in this dump.

Trevor and I were desperate to find our mate since our 16th birthday over a year ago. We both knew that we would never have our full Alpha powers until we found her and claimed her. We searched all the major packs and had no luck. I just hoped that we weren't going to end up with a human mate. Don't get me wrong, I would be grateful for whatever Mate the Moon Goddess blessed me with but a human mate would be a huge liability and I would spend my life protecting her. Plus there would be a chance that our kids would end up as human.

Our group met up with the Moonstone pack's group as we hurried down the halls towards the office. We waved and smiled as we walked into the office. We were ushered into the principals separate office where we met him and his secretary.

"Welcome Dark Star and Moonstone packs. We are glad to have you here. I am Mike the Beta of the Shadow pack and this is Henry, our Alpha" A large blonde man greeted us as he walked in.

While our Dads greeted each other, I studied the Alpha. He was a huge guy with jet black hair and dark eyes. He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes and I could tell that he wasn't overjoyed to have us there. It seemed like he was nervous about us.

{He's hiding something} Trevor speculated to me and I agreed.

"Our wives and Lunas will be along in a bit. They wanted to meet up for breakfast and reconnect" Dad explained.

I smiled at his words. Our mothers always wanted to travel together. They were all great friends and would drive our fathers wild with their exploits.

"This is my son and next in line, Devon" Alpha Henry gestured to a boy that looked exactly like him.

He looked to be a few years older than us and nodded at us with bored eyes.

"Devon graduated last year but both Mike and I have daughters that are in your grade. They will show you around and you can shadow them for the next few weeks" Alpha Henry went on.

"They are scheduled to be in here in just a few minutes. In the meantime, do you have any questions?" Beta Mike finished.

Suddenly I smelled the most heavenly scent and heard a girls voice outside the door say, "Two minutes to spare". Trevor jumped up and growled.

Mike and Henry both grinned real grins and Devon chuckled, joy showing on all their faces .

"There they are now" Mike said as I heard the girls voice again.

"Uh, Carla. I forgot something, I need to go" the voice said with panic.

"Freeze, missy" Henry thundered as he threw open the door to reveal two girls our age standing there.

I gaped at the dark haired beauty that was reaching for the door. She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen.

"Hi Dad! Hi Beta Mike" She mumbled as her blonde friend rushed to her side.

"Hello, Alpha. Hello Father" the blonde said as she pulled the dark haired one away from the door.

"Girls, come meet the Alphas and Betas from the Dark Star and Moonstone packs along with their children." Alpha Henry commanded.

"This is Alpha Lex and Beta Ben of the Dark Star pack and their sons Dean and Liam and this is Alpha Chris and Beta Al of the Moonstone pack and their children Sam and Ashleigh. This is my daughter, Willow and Beta Mike's daughter, Carla" Alpha Henry introduced us.

{Willow. Her name is Willow} Trevor whispered as we all shook hands.

I noticed that Willow tried to avoid shaking mine and I furrowed my brow at her. After everyone else had shook hands, I pointedly held out my hand to her. She saw it and cringed but was forced to reach out for it.

As soon as we touched, I knew.

{Mate!} Trevor howled and I grinned.

She looked at my face, nervously and snatched her hand away quickly. I took a step towards her but she took a step away. Everyone else was chatting and didn't notice except for her big brother Devon. He looked at her with concern and quickly walked to her side and put his arm around her protectively. Trevor growled at the sight of another male touching her even if it was her brother. I tried to calm him by breathing in her scent.

"Dean was it? It's nice to meet you" Devon interrupted and I glanced at his face but then quickly found Willow's face again.

I took another step towards her and she shuddered. I frowned at her reaction.

"You okay, Wills?" Devon asked and she just stared at me.

"Mate" I said and everyone froze and turned to us.

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