Chapter 4

POV Dean

I was shocked by Willows words and fire when she pushed me away. I knew that my pack had a bit of a reputation but did she really believe that she would be mistreated there? That I would allow her to be harmed? Our mates were meant to protected and cherished. Our whole pack believed that. My father would never allow anyone to mistreat their mate and neither would I.

{These rumors could be the reason why we have been getting less and less visits from unmated wolves} Trevor pointed out.

{You're right. We need to discuss this with father and put a stop to it} I replied.

{What did she mean that there were things we didn't know about her? That she would be hurt?} Trevor asked.

{I don't know but I do know that no one will ever touch her no matter what. We need to sit down and clear all this up and find out what she was talking about} I decided and Trevor agreed.

I mind linked my Dad and asked for him to set up a meeting with Willow and her family for tonight. I was surprised when he replied that he already had. With that settled, I left the library and set off to find her and make sure that she was okay. I followed her scent to a bathroom and heard her crying softly. I walked in and found her on the floor, sobbing.

"It's okay, Willow." I said softly as I knelt next to her.

She looked up in shock and stared at me as tears rolled down her cheeks.

{Help her! She's sad!} Trevor was losing his mind at the sight of her, I wasn't much better.

"I promise that it will all be okay. We'll figure this out" I whispered as I rubbed her back.

She stiffened at the same time that my Dad mind linked me.

"Get out of the school! Rogues are coming. Get everyone out!" Dad shouted in my head.

Willow looked at me in alarm as we jumped up. I pulled her out into the hall and was surprised to see that the students were all calmly walking in rows down the hall. I looked at Willow with confusion but she nodded and smiled. Liam, Sam and Ash came running up to us as Carla followed after them with a smaller brown haired boy. My eyes narrowed as I spotted Willows 'boyfriend' behind them.

{Not for long.} Trevor promised and I agreed.

"Dad said the attack will be here in 5 minutes. Devon will be here in 2 and the rest of the pack's warriors will be here in ten. What do you think?" Carla asked Willow and she nodded.

"Have the Senior and Junior wolves meet us in the gym. All humans and the younger wolves should go to the basement" Willow commanded.

Carla seemed to mind link as Willow gestured for her pathetic 'boyfriend' to go. He hesitated but she nodded and the other boy pushed him. Willow led us to the gym.

{She's already got a Luna's power.} Trevor whispered.

I wasn't expecting her to be so powerful. Not that I didn't like it, I did. It was sexy as hell but it also meant that she wasn't going to be an easy mate. I was going to have to really work for her.

POV Willow

I sighed as we hurried to the gym. These rouge attacks were starting to piss me off. We had them a couple times a month now. We all knew what to do and we could handle them easily. I just wasn't happy that we had two other packs with us that would learn about our defenses and possibly about me. Hopefully they wouldn't see me.

{But we can't allow anyone in our pack to be harmed just to protect our secret} Nox added and I agreed.

As we entered the gym, most of the wolves from the Senior and Junior classes were already there.

POV Dean

"They are a pack of 22 rouges and they should be here in a few minutes. Devon just got here. He said that he'll take the front entrance." Willow called out a few names and told them to go backup her brother.

Then she quickly gave everyone a position and they hurried off. She turned to Sam, Ash, Liam and myself.

"Why don't you all wait here. This is nothing we haven't handled before" she suggested.

All four of us shook our heads.

"We can help" Ash offered and Carla smiled.

"Thanks but we've got it." Carla began but then suddenly stopped.

She and Willow exchanged looks and ran to the door. I looked at the others in confusion. Then we heard a crash and the sounds of fighting in the hall.

{GO! Help Mate!} Trevor yelled and I ran to the door as the other three followed.

I opened it and again was shocked by what I saw. There were about five rouges in the hall on one side. On the other side was a slightly bigger than average blond wolf, a large black wolf and a average sized brown wolf. That wasn't so shocking, what was surprising was the fact that there was a multicolored wolf with them. I stared in disbelief. The wolf was larger than average but not as big as an alpha wolf. The most remarkable thing was that it radiated power. I took a deep breath and then realized who the multicolored wolf was. Shit. That was my Mate and she was stalking towards the rouges by herself.

"What the hell?" Liam asked and glanced at me.

"Why aren't they helping her?" Ash asked.

I growled and stepped forward towards her but Sam held me back.

"Wait. That's her brother with her. If he's letting this happen, there has to be a reason" Sam whispered and I paused as Trevor screamed at me to go protect our mate.

As she reached the rouges, the largest one jumped at her. She turned and grabbed him by the throat with lightening speed. I've never seen any wolf move that fast. Just as quickly, she ripped his throat out and he was on the floor, dead.

The other four wolves jumped then, but she was too fast for any of them. One by one, they fell. The last one tried to run but the large black wolf caught it and killed it. Then the four wolves ran out the front door. We followed to see the carnage outside.

"We were wrong about this pack. They are great fighters" Liam commented as we looked around.

The warriors of the pack just ran up but the teens had already killed all the rouges except for one. That one was being held down by my mate. Quickly, one of the warriors shifted behind a tree. He came out with a pair of shorts on and took over for my Mate.

"Willow, I'll take him to the jails after he shifts. You and Carla take the rest of the girls in. Your father's would kill me if I let you see a naked rouge" the warrior suggested.

Half the wolves followed my mate and Carla inside. Sam and I held the door open for them. Willow just nodded as she passed me. Ash fell into step next to her and we watched as Ash opened the door to the girls locker room for them. They all filled inside. As soon as the locker room door shut, the male wolves came in and Liam opened the boy's locker room door for them.

As we stood in the hall, suddenly footsteps came from a door I hadn't noticed before. The freshman, sophomore and human upper class men came pouring out. There was a announcement over the loudspeaker then.

"For those of you not mind linked, the rest of the school day is canceled. The Alpha would like to thank all of you on your excellent response time. He is hosting a party tonight at the pack house in honor of our guests and to celebrate defeating yet another pack of rouges. He expects all to attend. The party will begin at 8pm." the voice that I recognize as the principle said.

The kids all cheered at the information even most of them already knew it.

"Well...should we wait here or?..." Ash trailed off as Willow's human 'boyfriend' approached us.

"Can I talk to you?" he asked me as I glared at him.

I nodded and he motioned for me to follow him into a classroom.

"He's a human. Don't kill him" Liam said through our link.

I growled but agreed.

"I'm Jake" the human began and I stared at him for a second before replying.

"I'm Dean, soon to be Alpha of the Dark Star pack and Willow's mate" I spat out and he cringed.

"Dark Star? Crap" he muttered and I stiffened.

"Do you have a problem with my pack?" I yelled, stepping towards him.

He looked at me with concern.

"It's just that... We've heard things...." he began.

"What kind of things?" I snapped.

"That your pack abuses women, even if they are your mates" he replied and I growled.

"I knew that one day, Willow's mate would come for her. I was prepared to let her go with him. I know how important mate's are, but now..." he stopped and looked at me.

"I love Willow and I was prepared to let her go for her own happiness but I will never let her go to a man or a pack that could hurt her" he declared.

Rage was boiling inside me and I lunged for him just as Willow ran in.

"STOP!" she commanded and ran between us.

I stopped when she put her hand on my chest. Her touch calmed me a bit and I took a breath. I saw that Jake was trying to protect Willow.

{He's also in love with her. He wants to keep her from us} Trevor argued.

'Because he thinks that we'll hurt her' I explained to him and he paused.

"I would never harm Willow. No one in our pack is allowed to harm their mates. We adore them. We worship them. My father and I would kill anyone who dared abuse their mate" I roared.

Jake looked at me with disbelief but Willow's eyes were surprised.

"Really?" she asked and I looked at her and softened.

She dropped her hand from my chest and I took the opportunity to step closer to her and wrap my arms around her waist.

"Of course. I would rather die than harm you. Every male in my pack is the same. Hell, my mother rejected my father and ran from him. He followed her but he never hurt her or pushed her. He waited. If I have to, I'll wait for you too, but just know that I'm not letting you go. I won't force you but I will always want you" I said and she looked at me in wonder.

"Come on, Wils. He's lying so you'll go with him. Once he gets you back to his pack, he can do whatever he wants to you" Jake whined.

She shook her head as if to clear it and then looked over at him as I growled. Then she looked back in my eyes. She was about to say something when the door opened and her brother walked

in. His eye narrowed when he saw my arms around Willow.

"Dad wanted me to take you home, Wils. He sent a car for you and the other guests, Dean" Devon stated after he took a deep breath.

Willow pushed me away and walked over to her brother as Carla and that same brown haired boy walked in with Ash, Sam and Liam.

"Come on, Jake. Carla's ready to go" the boy called and Jake nodded after glaring at me and looking sadly at Willow.

He walked over to her.

"We will talk later" he whispered and she nodded.

He smirked at me and then leaned over and kissed her. Son of a bitch.

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