Chapter 9

POV Willow

"Hi everyone! Having fun?" I asked toward the group. They all turned to me with looks of shock and surprise.

"We're good just worried for you. Jake here was telling us about the breakup. I'm really sorry Wils. That's BS" Nate said.

Nate was a year older than us and was good friends with Devon. He was one of our warriors and had always looked at me like another big brother.

"He was?" I asked turning toward Jake.

I glared at Jake as he looked at me sheepishly and I could tell that he had been drinking. Jake was well known for making bad choices when hes drinking.

"We won't allow you to go to the Dark Star pack and be mistreated. I know that your brother won't either. We would rather go to war than allow you to be taken" Nate continued.

I sighed and was about to respond when we heard a loud growl. I closed my eyes, knowing who it came from and bracing myself for the fall out that was about to h

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