Chapter 47

POV Lance 

I sprinted as fast as I could through the forest towards the fighting and my mate. I shifted into my wolf as I ran. I heard and smelled my mate's brothers and father next to me doing the same. We were all desperate to get to her. Behind me, her mother, best friend, and mentor were following with Sean, Ash, and Elder Summers who vowed to keep an eye on all of them.

I knew that Alpha Jack, Troy and Elder Summers didn't want their mates in this fight but we hadn't had time for them to argue and there was no changing those women's minds. They were determined to help Samantha. I knew that Samantha would hate the fact that so many people she loved were put in harms way but my heart warmed at the fact that so many cared so deeply for her.

We finally made it to the ceremony grounds, right where they used to be. I took a breath as I witnessed the carnage around me. The pack warriors and rogues were brutal and the upri

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cathy knoblauch
Let the hunt begin!!!!!
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Sarah East
love this book
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I just love Sammy ūü§£

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