Chapter 48

POV Samantha

Elder Summers nodded and then Dad took over.

"We need to search the forest. I have warriors and allies guarding the edges so I don't think that Barron got out yet. He has a group with him, one of our allies saw him leave and said that he left with at least ten warriors of his own." Dad began and we nodded.

"We need to move fast but quietly. No one goes alone and link with us if you find him. Don't try to take him without backup." He finished.

He then split us into groups, Dad, Mom, Ash and Sean in one; Elder Summers, Matilda, Jules and Eddie in another. That left me with Lance, Troy, Stacy, Shimon, and Creed.

"That's not fair! Why are so many in my group?" I argued but Dad just sent me a look.

"Because I need to know that your safe. I need both my children to be safe so that's the way it will be. Otherwise, you can go back to the pack house." Dad replied coldly and I knew that there would be no changing his min

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Comments (7)
goodnovel comment avatar
T White
wait, where is Sean in all this? he should be the one with her... I hope Stacy lives..
goodnovel comment avatar
Sarah East
damn it they cant catch a break
goodnovel comment avatar
Victoria Krechting
nooooooooooooooo not stacy please don't let her die.

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