Chapter 4

Ten years later

POV Samantha

I smiled and waved to various pack members as I walked toward the pack house. Sean walked next to me, always scouting and surveying for danger. I had argued with Dad about forcing Sean to guard me while on pack lands but Dad wouldn't budge. Suddenly, I was lifted off the ground from behind.

"How's my little sis today?" Troy asked as Sean and Jules laughed at my surprised yelp.

"Troy! Put me down!" I yelled but he just kept carrying me.

"What kind of big brother would I be if I let you walk on your own two feet everywhere?" he asked playfully.

He carried me all the way into the pack house as I complained an argued the whole time. He carried me into the kitchen where mom was, thankfully.

"Mom! Tell Troy to put me down!" I yelled as the other pack members in the kitchen chuckled at the sight.

Mom sighed, "Troy, put your sister down".

"Sure. No problem, mom" Troy replied and set me down on a chair.

I growled at him and he kissed my cheek.

"Seriously, Troy. You're twenty. Don't you think that you're too old to be carrying me around all the time?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Nope. You will always be my little sister and I will never be too old to carry you" he grinned but then got a couple of cups of milk and some cookies as a peace offering.

He slid them over to me with raised eyebrows. I sighed and took them and he grinned.

"Some body guard you are" I snarled at Sean as he chuckled.

"Like you need defending from anyone in this pack. They would all literally die for you" Sean replied.

I shook my head but I knew that he was right. It was one of the perks/hazards of being an Omega. All the pack members took care and watched over me whether I wanted them to or not.

Don't get me wrong, it was nice to have so many people care for you but sometimes it got a little... excessive. The last time we had a rouge sighting, I couldn't go to the bathroom by myself for a week. I couldn't train with the pack because no one would spar with me. I had to go into town and take classes with the humans. Even then, it was hard to find someone who wouldn't hold back.

I had been serious about learning to defend myself. Both Dad and Troy told me repeatedly that there was no need but I insisted. Mom and Sean agreed that it would be good for me to learn so I started learning at the local gym when I was nine. I was proficient in many fighting styles but especially enjoyed boxing and fought in the ring at least once a week.

I had also gone to the school in town. Dad argued that I could be homeschooled but Troy wanted me to go with him. I had tested to be in his class even though he was two years older and we had graduated a couple of years ago together. I loved learning and even convinced Dad to send me to college. Granted, it was a local school and I took most of my classes online but I was proud that I had already earned my Associates degree and was a year and a half away from getting my Bachelor's in psychology. I was hopeful that I could follow up with my Doctorate focusing on early childhood. My dream was to become a child psychologist and practice in town while staying with the pack.

My pack and family were supportive of my dream but I knew that they were concerned with all the time I spent in the town. The human's in my classes seemed to like me but were suspicious of Sean who was always near me. They knew that he was my bodyguard but didn't seem to quite understand the need for him. Honestly, I didn't either. I had never been attacked but I loved Sean and I knew that he took his job very seriously.

I smiled as Stacy walked in. Her brown eyes lit up when she spotted Troy and he swooped in to kiss her hello. Stacy was my best friend since my first week with the pack when she spotted me in the library reading on my third day. She sat next to me and we discussed favorite books for hours. By the end, she declared that we were 'besties' and she refused to leave my side. Troy found us a bit later and was jealous at our closeness.

Troy and Stacy fought for most of our childhood and teenage years. They both wanted me all to themselves and resented each other. That all changed on Stacy's 16th birthday when they discovered that they were mates. Many of the pack was afraid that I would feel left out when that happened but honestly, I was happy that they both had good mates and I could have a bit of free time and space.

"Hey, bestie" she called to me and came over and gave me a hug.

"Thank Goddess. Can you please tell your mate that he is too old to carry me around? He's going to be the Alpha soon. It isn't proper" I complained.

Stacy grinned at me.

"You know that I can't do that. When he's carrying you, he can't carrying me" she pointed out and I rolled my eyes.

"That's not true" Troy stated and he picked Stacy up and threw her over one shoulder.

Then he turned to me but I jumped up.

"Don't you dare!" I yelled and ran out of the kitchen with our mother yelling after us.

I ran into the lounge and ran into the brick wall of Jon's chest.

"Hey, Sammy! What's wrong, love?" he asked with a concerned look.

I looked at my brothers best friend and Beta. He pushed me behind him in alarm.

"Troy is trying to pick me up" I rushed to tell him and he grinned.

Troy ran in still carrying Stacy and Jules and Sean followed him a moment later. The other pack members nearby stopped what they were doing to watch us and chuckled at our antics.

"Save me, Jon" I whispered.

Troy narrowed his eyes at me. I knew that it was unfair of me. No member of the pack could refuse me when I asked for help but Jon was especially vulnerable. His mate had died a month after finding her. After mourning for years, he was convinced that he and I were going to end up together. He claimed that he was in love with me.

Since I was a Omega, it was unlikely that I would have a mate. There were a few exceptions to this rule like my mentor, Matilda who was mated to Elder Summers but for the most part, Omegas didn't get mates. The reason was simple. We already caused most pack members to feel protective and care for us. The mate bond would be too much for most werewolves. They would go insane with added feeling of protectiveness that the mate bond would create if they weren't strong enough. Since I was a powerful Omega, it was almost impossible that any wolf would be powerful enough for the Goddess to pair me with.

Most Omegas that did end up with a mate were rarely able to leave their mates side. Even when Matilda came here to train me, Elder Summers came with her. He would usually stay in the room when we trained. I didn't mind though, Elder Summers was great and he was like an Uncle to me. Matilda seemed annoyed at times though.

"Hand her over, Jon" Troy said, playfully.

"You know that I can't" Jon replied and I childishly stuck my tongue out at Troy over Jon's shoulder.

Stacy yelled at Troy and he finally put her down.

"Can I ask why you are picking the girls up like a caveman?" Jon asked and Troy smirked.

"Cause they said I couldn't" he answered and I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly Dad walked in and we all bowed to him. The room grew somber.

"Hi, Daddy" I said as I hurried over to hug him and Troy nodded to him.

Dad looked stressed and I used my Omega power to help calm him. He kissed my head.

"Thank you, princess" he whispered.

"We will be holding a pack meeting at 7pm tonight" he announced and I heard him say the same through the mind link.

I walked with him as he walked to his office. Troy, Jon, Sean and Jules followed while Stacy hurried off to help make preparations for the pack dinner. I knew that I should help her, mom and Chrissy but it seemed like Dad needed me now. I linked Mom and let her know.

{We've got it covered. Help your Father} she replied.

I thanked her and shut the link.

"What's going on, Dad?" Troy asked as we reached his office.

Dad sat down on the couch and I sat next to him, putting my head on his shoulder. As an Omega, I have the power to calm pack members with just a thought or word but I could do more with a touch. Dad sighed.

"The Golden Pack has contacted me. They are in need of help" Dad began.

We all stiffened at the mention of my old pack. The guys looked at me protectively.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"They are having a huge issue with rouge attacks" Dad explained. Sean relaxed but I could tell that there was more.

"Okay. Let's send the some warriors and trainers to get their pack in shape" Sean suggested and Dad nodded.

"I will but it's more than that. The pack members are at each other's throats. They still haven't fully accepted the new Alpha and they don't truly believe that their last Alpha was deranged. They have lost trust and faith in the Council and because of that the new Alpha too." Dad added and I tensed.

I knew that Alpha David had killed himself soon after Dad and Mom rescued me. Before the Council could get him. I also knew that the Council and my new pack had kept me a secret for my own safety so my old pack still thought that I had been killed with the Luna. I knew that they couldn't keep me a secret forever. Now seemed like as good as time as any. Matilda had declared that my Omega training was complete last year. I could fight as well as most of our warriors and I was grown now.

The last ten years had made the Dark Moon pack the strongest in the nation. My family told me over and over that it was due in large part to all my help but I didn't really believe them. They always thanked the Goddess for bringing me to them. Jon, Stacy, Sean and Ash said the same too.

"I will go if you approve, Daddy" I stated in the silence that had followed my father's words.

"NO!" Troy, Jon and Sean all said but Dad glared at them.

"Dad! You can't let her go back to them. We won't be able to protect her" Troy argued.

"How else are we going to convince them of the Council's and new Alpha's worthiness? I'm part of the reason that they are in this mess to begin with" I pointed out.

"That's not true! Don't you dare even think that. They are in this mess because of Alpha David and him alone. You have done nothing wrong, princess." Dad snapped.

I knew better than to argue with him.

"Your father is right, little one. None of this is your fault" Sean agreed. Jon, Troy and Jules all nodded.

"Regardless, you are right about one thing. You are the only way that I can see to convince them of the Alpha and Council" Dad added.

The rest of the room looked furious.

"You can't be serious! I won't allow this!" Troy rampaged.

I hurried over to him and reached out.

"No, Sammy. I don't want to be calmed right now" he snapped and I backed off.

Jon grabbed my waist and pulled me into him

"It's okay, love. I've got you" he whispered in my ear and I melted into him.

"I know, I'm not happy about it either but really we have no choice. We knew that we couldn't keep her a secret forever." Dad reasoned and Troy glared at him.

"I'll send as many as you want. Whoever you want, just so she's safe and comfortable" Dad continued.

"I'm going with her" Troy insisted. Dad nodded.

"So am I" Sean, Jon, Jules and Dad all said. I rolled my eyes.

"You can't all go. Who will run things here?" I asked.

"Steve said he and Mary would stay and oversee the pack. It makes sense so they can stay with the kids. They aren't happy about it and they said that you will have to call in to them and pack members everyday, princess" Dad explained and I nodded.

I knew that the pack that was left here would need to hear from me frequently to make sure things would run smoothly in our absence. Steve and Mary had three kids all under the age of ten which made it nearly impossible for them to travel.

"So, who's coming? I mean, besides this whole room" I inquired.

"Your mom, Stacy, Ash, Steph, Taylor, Mike and Tom along with a dozen more warriors" Dad replied.

"Don't you think that's a bit excessive?" I asked.

"Nope. I was going to suggest a few more warriors." Troy snapped.

I looked at Jon.

"I agree with them, love. I'm not about to let anything happen to you" he replied with grin.

I sighed in defeat.

"Fine but you have to tell the others. When are we leaving and how long will we be gone?" I asked.

"Would tomorrow morning work for you, princess? I'm hoping that a month should do the trick." Dad asked and I thought.

I had three online classes this semester and only one that met once a week. I was way ahead in that class and the professor was someone that I had in the past. He trusted me and he would be okay with me missing the next few weeks.

I nodded, "That should work" I hurried to my room with Sean following me as always.

"I've got to send some emails and pack. I'll stay in my room until it's time for the meeting" I told Sean and he nodded.

"Okay, little one. Link me if you decide to leave." he replied and hugged me.

He waited until I shut my door to leave. I sent a message to my professor explaining that I had a family emergency and wouldn't be in class for the next month. Then I got out my luggage and began to pack. I had no idea what I would need so I packed a little of everything. Workout gear, casual and professional wear along with some nice dresses in case there were formal dinners that I needed to attend. I was just finishing packing my school stuff when I heard a knock on my door. I looked out the peephole and smiled when I saw Jon standing there.

"Hey" I said as I opened the door.

"Hi, love. Are you alright?" he asked and I smiled and let him in.

He sat on my bed and stared at me.

"I'm nervous but I'll be fine. You really don't have to go" I said and he reached out and pulled my onto his lap.

"I'm going" he said firmly as he nuzzled into my neck.

I sighed. Things with Jon were... complicated. He was convinced that he was in love with me but I wasn't so sure. I knew that I cared for him but I wasn't sure if I was in love with him. I was completely honest with him but he didn't seem to care. He always said that I would love him one day and he was happy to wait.

"Jon.." I warned as he leaned in for a kiss.

He looked so sweet that I couldn't resist and leaned in. Within moments, we were kissing on the bed with him laying on top of me. He kissed and nibbled up and down my neck, leaving hickeys as he went. I moaned his name and he groaned in return. Suddenly, there was a loud pounding on my door.


That was another complication. Troy didn't approve of Jon and I. It's not that he didn't approve of Jon but more that he didn't want me with anyone.

"Calm down, Troy" I called as he continued to bang on my door.

"Open this door or I'll break it open" he threatened and I hurried to the door.

I tried to straighten my hair and clothes but the look Troy gave me as I opened the door told me that I had failed. He walked right in and his eyes landed on Jon who was sitting on my bed.

"What's up, Troy?" Jon asked, trying to look calm.

His hair was messy and his clothes were wrinkled.

"What are you doing in my little sister's room, again?" Troy spat out.

I rushed to put my hand on his shoulder and Troy took a breath.

"Just talking" Jon tried but we could all sense the lie.

Troy turned to me and suddenly focused on my neck.

"What. The. Hell. Did you give her a hickey?" Troy demanded and Jon scrambled off the bed.

"I'll see you later, love" he called as he ran by me.

I held on to Troy as Jon sprinted down the hall.

"Let me go, Sammy" Troy demanded but I shook my head.

"No. You will regret it if you hurt him. Just stay here and hang out with me" I argued and he relented.

"I know that I'm too protective but he's not good enough for you." Troy said as his eyes softened.

"You don't think that anyone is good enough" I snapped and he chuckled.

"That's because no one is" Troy replied.

I changed the subject and we talked until it was time to get ready for the meeting and dinner.

"You shower first because you take longer to get ready" Troy offered as he cut through our bathroom to his bedroom.

"Thanks!" I called and got ready.

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