Chapter 7

POV Samantha

"Please wait here while I wash up and change my shirt" Lance requested.

I nodded and he walked to a door and opened it to reveal a bathroom. I heard water running.

"Hey, baby? Can you please bring me my shirt? It's hanging on the back of the door." He called.

"Fine" I mumbled.

I spotted the black button up hanging in a dry cleaners back. I grabbed it and walked over to the bathroom.

"Here" I snapped and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom.

I realized then that he was very shirtless and very close.

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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
does anyone else feel like John is turning out like her old alpha he's possessive and jealous hes close to hurting her or kidnapping her
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Kershaw
Oh please stop him from saying baby it’s too cheesy
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda Lynn
56 coins quite a big jump from 12... I get that we supporting the writers which is great but sometimes the prices are unaffordable. hardcovers don't cost that much. ugh...

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