Fighting in Silence
Fighting in Silence
Author: Fayth Fernandes

Author's Note

Hey there, all you beautiful people.

Welcome to the fandom, i hope you are planning on to stay for as long as possible.

I am sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes, feel free to point it (But please be nice, i am a sensitive lil penguin)

I really hope that you enjoy this book. PLease feel free to like, comment and tell your friends about this book.

I can get violent sometimes, just to let you know....

"A maiden hath no tongue but thought "- Shakespeare. My favorite saying and it truly does apply to me .....

Thank you for taking time and checking my book out ....


Fayth Fernandes


A few instructions:

1. All rights reserved. Pleases do not copy my work, or translate it, be it here or any other site.

2. Chapters may not be very long. I'm entirely a newbie to writing so it does take some time for me to plot out the chapters. I'm sorry if you find it short, but I'm sure I'll get better with time and eventually post longer chapters.

3. I'll be reading each of your comments. Please feel free to share your suggestions and please do vote if you like the story. 

4. Let me warn you; some things are gonna be very descriptive.

5. Mature content - only violence. 

6. If you think you will find easy romance here, you're mistaken. I hate cliche stuff and if I do feel like letting Fayth have a little bit of romance, it is gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride. I don't believe in falling in love within a year or a month, just by looking at a person. Love to me is more like a challenge where no matter what happens love always wins over. There might be moments when you guys might curse me for making Fayth suffer so much. Let me assure you, it'll be worth in the end. There is no love more beautiful than the one that has pulled through all troubles and overpowered everything. 

7. Please do feel free to suggest covers: exception. (I will also be more than happy to promote any artwork)

8. If you're reading this story for the second time, please do not spoil the book for others in the comment list. You'll be blocked if you do so.

10.Lastly i hope you feel at home with all the other readers. (TPWK)

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Richard Coffie
Please how do I recharge my account to be able read feather?
goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you, I think I'll love your story, especially when you said you can't fall in love in a year. Thank you so much?

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