Chapter Eight ~ Pregnant?

Freya Rose

I had no idea what Cassie was on about when she asked me what was wrong with my eyes. To be honest I didn't really give two shits either. If they weren't falling out of their sockets, or leaking blood down my face, I really didn't care a shit. All I cared about right now was ripping Amber fucking Wade apart with my bare hands.

I ignored Cassie completely and stormed off in the direction of Tristan and Amber. I was absolutely fuming by then, and I could hear that Cassie and Tyler were quickly following behind me. They kept frantically calling out my name, but I wasn't in the mood to listen. I knew that they would just try to calm me down and convince me not to beat Amber's ass. 

Which is not an option! 

By that point, nothing, and I mean nothing, was going to stop me from teaching that bitch a lesson. The lesson of the day was, keep your filthy skank hands, off my man!

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