Shades Of Kara
Shades Of Kara
Author: TheShadyButterfly


Her name is Kara Blue, I watched her turn fifteen years, she loved to skate and also run away... You might wonder from what?... From the shades and shadows of her past, which has made her a pariah because she has passed through a lot in her short life and people don't wanna associate with someone like 'her'... Emphasis on the 'her'...

But everything that has happened, the pain, sorrow, deaths, anger and all, has made her who she is today, fearless but... (Insecure) she doesn't have a heart anymore because everything that has happened to her has killed it and her conscience performed the ritual of burying her heart. She loves no one, all she can feel is pity, hatred and anger for her life, and anytime she thinks about it, shadows haunt her, she's into herself and I bet you, she lets no ONE in...

She doesn't believe in love anymore from what I'd noticed so far, some may say it's because she'd never had anyone to love her but I tell you they are wrong. She is loved or rather had been loved, she locked everyone out to save herself except for one, although she didn't completely let her in but she found her way in... Nana the one who had always been there for her through sleepless nights and painful memories. She's been her mother figure for the past three years and funny enough they weren't even blood related.

She had helped Her see life differently just when she thought all hope was completely lost.

But despite everything, the fact that no matter how she tried to ignore or run away from her past it always found a way to come back and haunt her.

I watched her with keen interest... Only to realize she was ME!...

For as long as I can remember I've been trying to start all over again, the road I decided to take to avoid my fate or change the course of my future still keeps throwing my past back at me.

So now I made a decision to turn back and take a walk back into my past, by facing the facts head on and stop trying to run away, like I've been doing all my life... Like Nana said: "it won't be easy but you've gotta do it".

Yeah! That's where I am now, going back and starting from the beginning all over again.

You might be wandering by a lot what do I mean?... Well I'll tell you... I am going to be narrating my very own story...



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