[01] The beginning

18th June, 2000...

"James please, there has to be another way..." Sara Blue, my mother said weeping bitterly as my father, James Blue cupped her face, that had unruly brown, and damped hair that was soaked from tears.

"I'm sorry Sara, I'll make it right I promise." He said as the officers cuffed his hands and made to take him away.

"Please wait!." He cried out and their grip on his shoulders loosened a little as he placed his forehead against hers.

"First steps... Birthdays... Skinned knees, please I need you, I can't do this alone Jim." She whispered as she sobbed silently, placing a hand on her swollen abdomen.

"You're a strong woman Sara, you've been the best wife any man could have wished for... Please be strong for me and raise our daughter to be like you, strong, fearless and loving." My mother laughed painfully at his loving words, as he placed a hand over hers on the swollen abdomen.

"Ok time up, you can do your little love catch up, when you go visit him in prison!." One of the officers, standing behind him said harshly as he jerked him away.

"I'm sorry for having you go through this, I'm sorry, I don't deserve you!." He said finally and was carried away Immediately.

"Jim! Jim!..." She yelled running after him as he was put in a squad car outside our house, heading for Black gate prison.

"I love you!." She muttered and sobbed as she fell to her knees, dark eyes reddened from tears, cheeks sore from pain, she rocked back and forth under the rain.


It's been weeks since Jim was carried to prison to serve a forty years jail term for the acclaimed murder of a fellow officer of the law... Yes!... Jim was a cop, an infamous one at that. He was popular and very well respected, he'd helped this town get rid of many criminals, whom were convicted and sent to prison.

Investigation and evidence shows that his finger print had been found on the murder weapon which was a crowbar, and apparently he was also found at the crime scene before the police arrived, apparently someone had sent an anonymous to report the crime.

It was all a set-up.

The dead officer was found beaten to death having his head clobbered, in his living room.

Jim was a good cop and known for convicting lots of criminals here in Devil's Basket... So that only is enough reason for someone... Who I'm i kidding?... even a fellow officer could have been the one who set him up.

My mother was close to delivery at this point and my Dad had been transferred to world's end in Black gate, a place where major criminals where kept.

This part of Black gate earned the name because people hardly made it to the end of their term here especially when they were cops who are going to be meeting the criminals that they had prosecuted over the years.

At world's end, the convicted criminal, is not allowed to receive visitors anymore, unless special ops operatives, officers or agents needs to interrogate them concerning any investigation.

Well well life was getting hard for Mama... She practically had no friends, except well me, her unborn child...

Her time was drawing near, she decided on going to stay with her mother on the other side of town.

In case you're wandering I never met my grandma, I can't remember what her name was, or what she looked like at all.



The journey to the other side of town wasn't very pleasing but it was worth it...

Mom met granny in her front porch, immediately she got off the cab...

"Sara!." Granny gasped as she beheld her daughter's condition.

"Mom!." My Mom yelled back and ran into her arms as she began to sob.

"Oh my dear, what happened?." She asked.

"Jim..." She started to say but trailed off in tears.

"Hush now love!... Let's go inside, take a shower and I'll make you a nice cup of tea huh?."

"Mhmm... Thanks Mom."

They walked in the house, granny helped with her bags.

Few minutes later, she settled in, showered, took tea and went straight to bed promising to tell granny everything tomorrow.

On the morrow, Mama tells grandma about everything, from how my father was framed for murder and sent to blackgate and also every other important detail.

"I know Mom!."

Patty her shoulder, grandma asked. "So have you been able to go visit him?."

My Mom sniffs and continues... "He was sent to... To..." She breaks down in uncontrollable sobs, as grandma strives to give her comfort.

"I'm listening, my dear!." Grandma said firmly, void of emotion at her daughter's painful odearl.

"He was sent to world's end Mom, I can't visit him, not anymore." She continues crying.

"How do I raise this child, and when the child starts asking questions, what would I say to him or her, that your father was framed and sent to prison forever and you can't see him?." She asked grandma with bloodshot pained eyes.

"It's okay my dear, we will deal with the problems, one at a time, for now take no thought for tomorrow, and make today count, okay?."

"I suppose, but I can't help it, we had a perfect little family already... Why?... He was a good man!." My mom said while rocking back and forth in grandma's arms.

The sun in the porch rose as the cloud shielding it's rays moves away, and then they decide to go back into the house.

"More tea?..." Grandma asks.

"I'd prefer coffee!." Mama shrugs then answers.

"You're in your third trimester Sara, no coffee, it's already bad enough your husband was sent to jail, do you want to increase your problems by deforming your innocent baby?." Grandma asked with honest concern pitched in her tone.

"Maybe it'll be for the best, paradventure, the baby might die and be spared the cruelty of this world!." My mom said grimly.

"Then to who's loss will that be?..." Grandma asked.

My Mom couldn't bring herself to answer, so she just succumbed to defeat.

"I'll have tea."



A/N: Ok this is the beginning of the story, in case you're confused I'm writing this as Kara's narration. I hope you like it already... Pls rate and leave me a comment.

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