[03] Nightmare


~Nana's POV~

I returned home from the News Gazette a little after Nine in the night, climbing up the concrete stairs to get to my apartment, unlike before climbing up this stairs today was dreadful, I was thankful immediately, I reached the last floor of the three story building. My small apartment was located in Room 13...

On getting to the door I rapped at it once, before remembering to use my keys, but then at the same time the door was open.

Who was in the house?... I don't remember inviting anyone over for the night...

I reached for my gun, inside my purse, you might wonder what I'm doing with a gun, but this is Devil's Basket, you gotta expect the worse.

As I pushed open the door and stepped into the dark living room gingerly...

Few steps into the house and a silhouette was holding a knife against my corotid... I gasped and held my breath as I felt the cool metal of the knife against the skin of my neck...

~End of Nana's POV~


~Kara's POV~

I had just finished having a hot shower, walking out of the bedroom, to the living in order to grab my stuff and go back to the Narrows where I lived, when I heard footsteps approaching the main door.

I quickly switched off the lights, if there's one thing living on the streets had taught me, it's to always be on my guard and take no chances.

I stood at the connecting wall beside the door, as I saw a silhouette from beneath the door, open it and a figure walked in... With sharp reflexes I grabbed the person from behind and pointed my knife at their corotid, it's one of the many skills I've learnt over the years in other to be able to protect myself... Life in the streets wasn't a bed of Roses.

In that moment of quick suspense and held breaths the figure spoke...

"Goodness kid, you're going to give me a heart attack, if you keep sneaking up on me."

Nana!... Immediately I heard her voice, I loosened my grip and retracted my pocket knife.

"Sorry, I just came by to have a shower!." I said as she switched on the lights.

"You could have called to let me know at least." She said dropping her purse and her gun on the kitchen counter as she began fixing dinner.

"Hello!, Ain't got a phone Nana." I said dramatically.

"Ok, remind me to get you one, you'll need it."

"Alright, bye Nana!." I said grabbing my stuff and made for the door.

"You're always welcomed to stay Kara." She said as she dipped chopped onions into hot oil, added more condiments and kept stirring.

"I know Nana but I prefer my place in the Narrows."

"This place is safer kid." She said and gestures around the apartment.

"Anywhere I am becomes dangerous, I've lost enough..."

"Don't you think I know that, your Dad placed you in my care remember?." She said as she kept stirring the vegetables in the oil.

"I know, I know, and guess what, he died protecting me, I can't lose you too Nana." I said feeling weary at the memory.

"At least stay for dinner." She said, drying her wet hands with a kitchen towel.

"If you insist." I said dropping my stuff back on the chair as I headed over to the kitchen counter as she set down plates for both of us.

The aroma of the meal was so intoxicating, Nana's a good cook, as she set the food down, It looked as attractive as it smelt.

She prepared fried chips and a nice sauce. I setteld down to eat, on the small dinning table with her, we talked a little, and then after dinner, she shows me to a room.

After settling in, I just slump into the bed and drift into sleep almost immediately, I was tired and this bed was very comfortable.



We were being chased by some group of armed guys, whether they were after me, or him, I wasn't sure...

He told me to run and hide behind some trash containers in the alley way, while he stayed back to fight them off, they were three armed Men, while fighting two at once...

I ran out of hiding to help him, as I saw he was being outnumbered, not actually sure what to do so I just, picked a rod and jarred it at one of the guys, it hit directly and sent him staggering backwards and down to the concrete floor of the alley way...

He was able to knock the other one out, and at the same time the third guy had pulled the trigger at me... I noticed the viper tattoo on his hands...

I gasped and squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the impact, while remaining frozen on the spot, at the same time he jumped in just before the bullet hit me, acting as a human shield while we both fell to the ground.

The guy who had pulled the trigger, took to his heels after we both fell to the ground, while the others remained passed out.

Crawling from beneath him, I turned him over, I froze at the sight, he was dying, the bullet had passed through his back...

"No!... No!..." I said in hoarse whispers.

"I love you..." Were his last words to me.




"Dad!!!!!......!!!!!!!" I said screaming as I awoken from the nightmare.

Apparently Nana had been watching me sleep, immediately I woke up, she quickly came to sit by my side and held me to her chest. Whispering words of comfort.

"Sshh!... It's gonna be okay." She said and stroked my hair.

"Dad!." I said again in a hoarse whisper as I held on to my locket and cried. "I saw him again Nana, he died because of me!." I said again sobbing.

"It wasn't your fault Kara, you have to stop blaming yourself."

"He told me to hide Nana, I didn't listen." I sniffed.

"It's gonna be okay I promise."

"Promise!. I made him a promise Nana and I won't stop till it's fulfilled." I said amidst my tears. "Those vipers have taken enough from me already..."

"It's okay Kara, that's enough, go back to bed, we'll continue the investigation tomorrow."


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