[06] Viper crest

~Kara's POV~


"Your Mother sent me." He said with authority this time around.

I winced as I drank in his words... "My Mom?..." I asked like I didn't hear him correctly, standing gingerly.

"She said to give you this!." He said and reached for inside his jacket, I still was cautious just in case, because the whole situation was screaming danger.

He pulled out a black leather bag, and  handed it to me, I grabbed it with my left hand warily, gripping my knife tighter and ready for attack, in case he tried anything funny.

"What's in it?." I asked him carefully, because this guy looked like danger.

"You want my advice, adhere to whatever is in there!." He answered sternly definitely not in the mood for a conversation.

"How I'm I sure, it's really my Mother who sent you?." I asked again.

"Your Mom was right, you never listen, that's how you're gonna get people around you killed." He said with a sense of finality.

It was then I became more confused, I closed my eyes and raked a hand through my hair and replied... "What?!." When I opened my eyes again, he was gone, and I was left alone holding a leather bag in my arms.

I could feel unwelcomed tears building up in my eyes, and eager to find out what my Mom had sent me, I quickly grabbed my bag and headed out cautiously not wanting to draw any attention as I passed by some of my acquaintances.

That's when someone huge blocked my way, I knew I should have used the fire escape and jump over roof tops, but I decided to be civilised and now here I am.

I tried going around the human wall, blocking my way, but then he blocked my way again as two other guys emerged from behind him.

"What have we got here?." He asked his other friends, grinning and rubbing his palms together like he had just been served free food. Although it was already dark, I could still make out their faces in the dim alley light.

That voice was very familiar... Johnny... I gasped and stepped back gingerly pulling my knife from my side.

Johnny was the renowned alley bully king, he got whatever he wanted, when he wanted it, mostly with force or coercion, he also had crew members who do dirty work for him. He had been arrested a couple of times, but since he escaped from juvie last year, police had been on his tail, but this juvenile was a hard target, and recently he had gone dark, hiding here in the dark alley of the Narrows.

I'm sure Johnny would recognize me, but I was wearing my hoodie, and besides he didn't seem ready to let me leave here in one piece, I mean that literally, because it's what he does to people, break 'em and take their stuff.

Standing there, I was already calculating my escape, I planned on using my knee on his crotch, jabbing the other one to the left with my elbow and use the closest fire escape, while the other being farthest from me, would either keep up the chase or help his boss. Cool plan yeah?... So let's get to it...

"C'mon what ya afraid of?... Let's see what you've got in the bag, no one has to get hurt!." The other guy stated.

No one has to get hurt?... He must be kidding right?... Because that's what this guys do they hurt people before taking their stuff!... Period!...

Immediately as I lunged forward to carry out my plan, a car appeared from behind them, with blinding lights, and Immediately Lance stepped out, with the help of a good distraction, I used it to my advantage.

I hit Johnny first in the crotch, and while he came crashing down, I jabbed the other one in the stomach and he fell towards Lance, who finished him off, as I tackled the last one.

"Phew!." I said standing up immediately and running towards the car with Lance, Nana was the one behind the wheels.

And Immediately we entered the car, it screeched backwards and off we were.


"What took you so long, I mean you've been gone for over three hours!." Nana stated the obvious as we rode back home.

"Ugh!... You met me in a fight remember?."

"Yes a fight that was yet to start!."

"Ok whatever, first I was at the police station." I said not in the mood to start arguing with Nana.

"What were you doing there?." Nana asked looking at me through the rear view mirror.

"I went to see Detective Parker, I need the case files on my Dad's murder."

"Who do you need that for?."  She asked again

"You're not seriously asking me that, are you?." I asked back, while Lance was staring at the both of us like something was wrong.

"I am." She said firmly.

"Well I'm investigating the case again, with or sans your help!." I said staring out the window at the well lit up streets of this scattered town.

Nana sighed and said no more, but then I told them about the man in Black, the black chest I found and what I was given.

Immediately we pulled into our driveway, I got out of the car and ran up the steps, I couldn't wait to see what was inside the chest, and what my Mom sent me.

Dropping the heavy bag and removing stuff out, I finally found the chest and the leather bag.

Sitting on the floor while Lance and Nana sat on either side, waiting to see everything.

I grabbed the leather bag first, ripped it open and found two things, an audiomack and a note written with black ink in a cream color A4 paper.

I sucked in air and exhaled slowly as I opened the letter. It was just like the note she left me, ten years ago. Written in her perfect handwriting, it reads:

Dear Kara,

I'm so sorry for everything, it's been ten long years and this is the first time I'm contacting you.

I know I promised I'd come back, and I'm coming back soon Kara, I hope you can forgive me, for all the decisions I've made this past decade. I had no choice,

I left you an audiomack, please listen to what I said, I beg you, it's for your own safety, as long as you want us to be reunited again.


Immediately I finished reading the letter, I could feel tears flowing down my face. After ten dreadful years filled with painful memory, she finally sends this. Nana rubbed my back to comfort me, while Lance, brought out the audiomack so we could listen to it. As he pressed play, her eery voice covered the space between all of us.

¶...I know you've been looking for me Kara, I need you to stop or you will get yourself killed, stay away, I'd come for you when it's time!...¶

Then the voice trailed off... I wiped my face now, what did she mean by what she just said. After ten years she comes out of the blues, and starts telling me to listen to her, she must have traded her brain.

No one said anything, they were just staring at me, waiting for my reaction, maybe expecting me to smash the audiomack, which would have been an awesome idea.

I scoffed and finally spoke. "She sounded like she didn't want me to find her, something bigger is going on and I'm going to find out, one way or another, even though I get killed!." I said firmly trying to control all the emotions swirling inside of me.

"Let's check the chest!." Nana said shifting uncomfortably, and trying to ease the tension.

I picked the black chest, it had a simple lock, so I used two hair pins and picked at the lock. It opened, Nana froze in horror as she saw it, Lance and I exchanged glances and then he picked up the item.

It was a God damn weapon, a pistol, and not just any pistol it had a vipers crest on it, exactly like the ones I've seen on the necks, and hands of their members.

The tides were changing drastically and if I'm not ready, I might drown in it. I mean how did a viper crested pistol end up in my apartment, something is completely off... I felt like I had just been running for miles on a lane, and now I was taken back to where I started from to start again on another lane.

This shit was getting more deep and real than I had imagined... Question is: Am I up for the task ahead?... Or Am I ready to face the truth, when I finally find it?...

"What the hell!." Lance exclaimed.

"How did that get in your apartment?." Nana asked, fear obvious in her eyes.

"I'm guessing it was planted by one of them but why?." By them, you should know I mean the vipers.

"There has to be a major reason." Lance started grimly.

While we kept talking, about everything, the note, the audiomack my crazy Mom had sent and finally the viper crest gun.

"Excuse me, I need to make a call." Nana said and excused herself from the discussion.


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