[07] Case files

~Kara's POV~

School today was long and stressful, the students at this school where just a bunch of douchebags, they weren't as posh as I expected. I decided to remain low key and not draw too much attention although, I still earned glances, stares and side talks while I passed by.

After school I went straight home, Lance dropped me off. On getting to the apartment we chatted a while...

"So how have you been holding up, still having nightmares?."

"Uhm... The nightmares just come in shades now though, I'll be seeing it for a moment and then all of a sudden it just vanishes, like there's something blocking the connection, I keep feeling there's a part of me missing some where in my mind, not sure how, why or when though!... I just can't still wrap my head around everything that's happening." I shrugged.

"Same, mostly about the revolver pistol with the viper crest on it." He said and shoved his hands into his pocket.

"I know right, anyways don't let me keep you, Detective Parker is coming by to give me the case files!."

"Ok keep me posted."

He said finally and waved me as he got back into his car and zoomed off, tyres screeching as they left the around curve and were out of sight.


"This are all the files, and I was also able to get the files of a case your Dad had worked on before he was convicted and sent to blackgate." Detective Parker says and hands me two brown police case files.

I collected it and politely replied. "Thanks Harvey, I'm sorry for any inconveniences it might have caused you."

We were about to shake hands when the door opened and Nana walked in, with a handful of groceries. I went over to help her out.

"Thanks." She replied with a slight jerk of her head in the direction she wanted the grocery bag kept, on the kitchen counter.

"Well if it isn't Detective Harvey Parker."

"Nana king." He replied with a smile as they shook hands.

"So what brings you here?." I hear her ask the detective.

"Oh!... Kara asked for the case files." He replied as they both sat down to continue their discussion.

"Oh she told me, mind if I take a look at them first."

What was she doing?... I thought, Immediately I was done arranging the groceries, I stepped out of the kitchen to come to his rescue.

"Actually they're with me." I said immerging from behind them.

"Excuse me Detective." She says firmly, arranges her skirt, and motions for me to follow her back into the kitchen.

"What's with the attitude, you always supported my decisions?." I asked her in a quiet voice, worried about her expression.

"You heard what your Mother said Kara, do you want to get yourself killed?." She asked back.

"I made a promise Nana, and like I said I'll still continue my investigation, with or sans your help."

She sighed heavily and said nothing.

"So that's a NO then?." I said again, and she gave me a pained look, I shook my head in disbelief and walked out on her.

"Kara... I'm here to help, and you can continue your investigation but please reconsider before it's too late!." She said before I left. I stopped at the door but I didn't turn back, after she finished, I left to my room.

I wonder what's with her, she had always supported my decisions, despite knowing the risks involved... I wonder what's really bothering her... Anyways the sooner I started the investigation, the better.


Back at my room, I lay on my bed face up, staring at the ceiling, thinking about everything, I finally had the case files, now what?... I had everything I needed... Or at least thought I needed... But now I don't even know where to start or continue from.

I sighed heavily and glanced over at the case files resting on my reading table, sitting up an idea came to my mind.

I quickly grabbed the case files, and also grabbed the revolver pistol from the chest, carried my pocket knife and placed them in my small getaway bag, slinging it across my shoulders, I grabbed my skate board which was resting on the wall close to the door.

It's been a while since I skated, or even felt I was running or being chased, I had lost sight of everything for a few weeks and now that I was willing to continue it seemed like a decade ago.

"I'm going skating!." I say to Nana, as I walked passed her watching TV in the living room.

"Ok but be back before dinner!." She replied eyes still glued to the screen.

"Alrighty!." I replied and headed out.

Skating through the hallway till I got to the stairs, and then pinned the board as I grabbed it and held it between my arm and my upper body.


I've been skating for over an hour, right here near the docks, below the town's main bridge. I finally decided to take a break after series of skating and jumping over hurdles.

Sitting on the docks, crosslegged and enjoying the calm. I was wearing a faded blue jeans skirt, a black and white horizontal stripped shirt, a black wrist watch Lance had given me for my birthday last month, and my black Nike Snickers. My rose tattoo was gold, it suited my skin perfectly. My skate board is a blue green colored one, with some paintings on it, it was a Land yacht Hanz de Fuko, I kept it against the wooden board where I sat overlooking the ocean.

I had had this rose tattoo since I turned fifteen, after everything that had happened to me, I wanted to be different and also feel different, so I decided a tattoo... It worked, I guess?... I feel different now with a certain fire causing through my veins, I guess this fire was hope!.

Car horns could be heard from a distance, as well as ships off loading cargo and shipments.

Breathing in the air around me, that smelled of salt water, and a distant smell of smoke from a refinery company. I opened my backpack and pulled out the second case file, containing the leads on the last case my Dad had worked on before he was framed for murder and sent to blackgate.

Glancing through the pages, I just kept seeing different autopsy reports, pictures of gangstas with the various tattoo, and then one of them in the picture had a viper tattoo on his neck, I kept looking at the pictures trying to figure out if I'd seen any of the faces before, when I realized that I didn't know any of them, I just continued scrolling and finally came to the last page.

That was it, what was I expecting to find, nothing made much sense to me in the file, I could feel pain strike my heart, tears came freely.

"I'm sorry Dad." My voice was raspy and choked from my tears.

Picking up the case files again I hurled it into the air, screaming and cussing as papers flew out and landed on the wet sand. One of the pictures that flew out caught my eye.

Wiping my eyes with the back of my hands, I went over and bent on one knee to gather the wet papers back together. I found the picture after gathering all the papers back together, sniffing I watched it being carried away with the water. I quickly went over and grabbed it before it was fully immersed into deep waters.

Raising the picture so I could look at it, my heart beat stopped when I saw it... How come I didn't see it when I first opened the files...


A/N: Cliffhanger!! Gee comment your best guesses, see you in the next one. Love you!

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