[11] Feelings


~Kara's POV~

As I inserted the key into the key hole, it clicked almost immediately, and then the wall shifted unveiling another room.

The room seemed like a tunnel and a basement at the same time, we both hesitated before we could gather courage to enter the dark room.

As we stepped in, Lance found a switch on the wall by the entrance and pressed it, and the lights flickered on, the place was covered in cobwebs and dust, it's really been long since anyone stepped in here... By anyone I mean Lance's Dad.

The room had this eeriness I couldn't place, it was small but yet big enough, it was dome shaped, the whole room smelled of dust and dirt.

My eyes grew wide as I scanned the room and rested on the desktop computer in the center, it was the only thing in the room with a chair behind it. Looking at Lance, he had seen it to

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