Author: angelinmariya2000
Chapter 1


I felt water droplets on my face disturbing my peaceful slumber.

“Sara if that's you, you better hurry because I won't spare you for waking me up on a Sunday morning.” I said annoyed at my sister. I heard a small giggle which confirmed my suspicions. I removed the blanket from my face and looked at the five years old stifling her laugh while staring at me. I got up and ran after her but not before getting my glass filled with water to pour on my sweet little annoying sister.

“Sissy, I was only trying to wake you up. No harm in that.”

“It's a Sunday for god's sake Sara. Why in the world would you do that?” By now we were running around the living room dodging the pillows that we threw at each other making a mess when we heard a sharp voice.

“Amelia Faith Wells and Sara Mary Wells stop whatever you are doing right now.” We heard our mother, Lily shouting. We sopped and Sara jumped down from the couch while I looked at the mess we had created.

“Sorry mom. But Sara started it.” I said sheepishly while glaring at my sister.

Sara pouted in a very adorable way and I knew she was going to get away. Being the eldest sucked!

“Mama I was only trying to get sissy to help you.”

“Awe... My sweet baby, go and get cleaned for breakfast now.” She said and then turned towards me with her hands on her hips. “And for you ,young lady, you will clean up this mess and then get dressed appropriately.”

I looked down at my clothes and saw that I was still in my pyjamas and I blushed furiously in embarrassment. That doesn’t mean I will clean this on my own.

“But mom it was her fault. She poured water on me first.”

You sound real mature for 21, Amelia.

Oh you finally woke up brain. Good morning and thanks for your petty advice.

“Amelia, sweetie she is your little sister and you are supposed to help her not fight with her.” She raised her palm when she saw I was going to argue further and said, “No more arguing do what I say and help me finish baking today’s batch of cookies.”

I nodded my head and got to work. My mother owned her little bakery in town and it was named Amelia's Bakery because my mother believed that my coming into the world had brought success to her business life. The bakery was soon going to be renamed as A&S bakery so that Sara also had a share. I love her even though she is as annoying as hell; she was this little bundle of joy that happened to us five years ago. I always wanted a sibling and Sara fulfilled that wish though if I knew if she was going to be a lot of trouble I would never have wished for her.

Are you really serious?

No dumb brain you know I am just kidding.

I cleaned up and wore a washed out jeans with a blue sweater and walked to the kitchen smiling at the sight of my sister eating her cereals.

“Mom where is dad?” I asked while looking towards the study wondering where he was.

“He had to go in early today but will be back for lunch. Also in the evening we have to go to church early, pastor Riley is really depending on us to help out in the charity feast.”

“Hmm.. But are you done preparing all the snacks?”

“Not yet but with your help I will be done in no time.” She said giving me a proud smile. I learned to bake when I was 10 and since then have been really good at it. Sadly it is not my passion, my passion is to organise events and also doing major in college is event management and I have to say I might be the only one in class who finds it interesting.

“Mama, I miss dad.”

My mom traced her thumb on my sister's soft cheeks soothingly and said, “Baby you know daddy's job is difficult but he will be free soon and we can all go for picnic together and have lots of fun.” My father was a detective in the NYPD and he was known for his honesty and bravery all around Manhattan. His study was filled with his medals and trophies but he never let his professional life mix with his personal life. He was dealing with a dangerous case for some time now and is always busy with night shifts and overtimes.

My mother nodded at me; signalling me to change the topic so that Sara won't be sad. I sighed and ruffled her hair and asked her, “Do you have any homework for tomorrow?”

“I finished all of them because I am a good girl. Am I right mama?” My mother nodded smiling and went back to her work.

“Sara next time you wake me with water I will make sure to drench you in a whole bucket of water and mom won’t be able to stop me.” I said to her half joking and half seriously. She just stuck her tongue out and laughed while I glared at her. But her laugh was so contagious that I soon joined her.

“Girls your father won’t be able to make it for lunch.” She said with a fallen face. I sighed in disappointment but stood up and looked at my mother.

“Mom, let's get going we have cookies to make and Sara you can join us too but you have to wash your hands first or you will have germs to eat in your cookies.” That made her run to the washroom to wash her hands and this made us laugh.

The day went on with us baking and then later on helping out in the church with my dad. Of course he made it to the event though he was busy which made all of us extremely happy.


I walked to the underground cell and saw Ken walk out of the ‘dark room’ where our captives were kept. His knuckles were bloodied and he had an evident frown on his face.

“That bastardo doesn’t know where the files are hidden. The last thing he knows is he handed it over to that cop. Now what was his name?”

“Samuel Wells.” I answered thinking when all this shit would end. I hate every fucking day of my life and hate the mafia.

“We will be in deep shit if those get out.”

“Should I question him again?” I asked already thinking of ways to torture the impostor in our mafia.

“I don't think it will be of any help. Let's get to the boss and inform him.”

We went upstairs into the office and the boss was quite upset with the whole matter, I mean who wouldn't be if they knew that the mafia could come down because evidence against us was leaked to a detective.

“Is there any good news yet?”

“No sir.” Ken said shivering in his intimidating presence but I had my head up because no longer did he scare me and he knew it very well.

“Okay then we all know what we need to do next.” Boss said looking at me specifically. I dreaded this would happen but being the heir of the mafia I had no other choice.

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