Chapter 1

'Her eye's poured in pain, it was that one drop of tear that conveyed, she needed love. A brother's love'

Ava Jones....

'Don't you worry babe, I am going to stay away from Ava. She does not have to know about my personal matters at all!'


'Yep, I know. I have seen her peeking into my room in the late nights. She seems to be spying on me. I will be alert from the next time. I don't want my freaking sister to spy on me no more.'


'You don't have to worry about anything, love! I am there... I will make sure Ava is out of our way.'


'Now come on give me a kiss!'


I sighed laying in my bed silently. The alarm clock kept on the table beside my bed rung four times already, yet I was in my bed--- mourning to myself over the words of my brother Noah, that I eavesdropped the last night.

It was past midnight, I have had gone to fetch myself some water when I heard him. He was talking to someone. Nah, not on the phone but physically. There was someone in his room.

The door of his room was locked and I could barely hear him but whatever I did hear, was now hurting me badly. My brother was talking to someone about me. He seemed a bit pissed off.

And I know why... That is because I have been trying to interfere in his personal life.

He freaking has a goddamn girl in his life!

A girl who visits his bedroom every second night, almost then, when I am not spying on my brother.

I have heard noises coming from his room.

Our house is not as big as the others in the neighbour. We live in a small single storey bungalow with three bedrooms, a kitchen attached with a drawing room, a store room and a basement that hoards all of our old furniture and our childhood stuff. We even have an attic that currently serves as my 'little world of isolation' that I visit whenever I need peace. I call the attic as my 'hush house' and that is because that place is always draped with silence. There is also a small garden before our bungalow and a fence around it where I and my brother Noah, grew up playing at.

Those memories were amazing. They were so good and beautiful. If I could, then I would gladly go back to time and relive those moments as spending time with Noah, who my only family left in this house, seems like a fading dream to me.

Our parents were no typical parents who showed care and love to their children. They were— working parents with no time for their children. I always had a complaint in my heart that I could not spend time with them like any other normal family does, rather we were an extra ordinarily individual family where parents were busy and a nanny was hired to take care of their children.

However, I never felt alone as I had a brother, a saviour brother who took care of all my needs and fulfilled all my wished as if I were his daughter and not a sister.

But now, everything seems like a dream. A beautiful dream that I had seen. All that I spent with him, called as 'moments', have now become something that I can never imagine to acquire ever before, for now, my brother has changed himself.

He himself for a girl and abandoned his sister. Just like our parents.

I was staring at the ceiling of my bedroom with the thick blanket around my body when all of a sudden my vision blurred! I lazily elevated my arm and touch my eyes and realized-- I was crying. Even though I had tears in my eyes I continued to stare at the ceiling wanting to avoid my whereabouts for some time.

Living a peaceful life has become a dream, that dream which never seems to fulfil. I proceeded to suck shallow breaths as the hard and harsh winds gushed inside my room from the open window.

It was raining outside. It rains throughout the year in Houston, nevertheless, to me it occurred as if the clouds were rather crying with me, than raining. They were showing me their empathy that they held in their hearts.

The clock started ringing again. I anyway laid in the bed, this time, not even caring to shut it down. I let my tears loose and fall from my eyes as I paid attention at the roaring of the clouds.

I was lost in my mirth when the door of my room yank opened and there appeared Noah, my brother. I noticed his eye brows scrunching and lips murmuring a cuss as soon as his eyes fell on a lazy me who was lying in the bed like a lifeless body and crying.

"Ava!" the shock in his voice was noticeable, but I was way too hurt to face him that I turned on my stomach and hid my face in the pillow, letting my emotions take over me completely.


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