Chapter 5

'He may be a bully hurting and bothering everyone, but across her, he was a lovestruck puppy who'd melt in her arms.'


Ava Jones... 

"Bye Noah, see you after the school!" Waving at my brother rushing towards his class inside the school building I waited back near the gate of the school for my best friend Dylan. 

We have been friends like for five years now. I met Dylan in school during the lunch break. He was like your typical cute little boy with a lovely smile and chubby cheeks. That was Dylan five years ago, but now, after half a decade, he has grown up into a handsome mess with a heart stealing smile and a handsome face that every girl from our class wants to caress. 

Dylan Hemsworth, my best of friend, was a shy guy. He never dated a girl because he simply never found anyone suiting his taste. And I, for one, was his only formal friend that every other female in the class hated. 

He was one of the hottest guys in Maple Ridge School, obviously after Ethan Connor for no matter how cruel and irking he was, he still stood as the most handsome guy in our class and in the school. 

I smiled and shook hands with my classmates as they wished me for my eighteenth birthday. Thankfully it was not raining anymore, just a little bit of drizzling. It made my surroundings look inexplicably amazing as if the dry matt campus of the school had just popped out from the glossy page of a magazine.

The grass seemed freshly painted with water colours while the grey sky overhead gave the environment a different touch. I loved the rain. For me, monsoon was the season of love, happiness and intense feelings. I wish to get to live a moment that is shown on television between the main leads, holding hands under a rainy day and kissing each other for a soft gentle lip lock whilst drowning into each other's eyes. 

It just seems soo perf---

Suddenly everyone standing in the campus started rushing inside the school building. Their faces seemed pale and eyes almost popping out! 

Did something happen? 

Clueslessly standing at the gate, I watched everyone rush here and there with each other but eventually sprinting inside the school building. I stood as confused as I could unless a guy from my class bumped into me, "I am sorry..." he had not seen my face as he had to sit on the ground and collect his books that fell after our collision. 

I swiftly sat across him, helping him collect his stuff as I gaped his face, hopefully imagining to get a reply from him, "What is wrong Jardin?" as expected, post my voice hit his ears, he fell back on the wet ground on his butt and stared at me with wide eyes. 

I was not surprised by that behaviour of his because every second person passed me that kind of expression always. For them, I was the freaking girlfriend to the school's bully, Ethan Connor. 

"Hey, don't be scared I will not eat you! I am sure, you know that there is no such thing as the rumours Ethan spread about us dating and all!" I tried to explain to him. 

This entire half semester just passed with me explaining everyone in the class that I was not dating Ethan. I have even mentioned that I rejected his proposal yet no matter how much I try, nobody wants to believe me. 

"Please don't complain Ethan about this fall, he will kill me otherwise." Sighing was the only option left for me as Jardin stated that. 

Like any other classmate of mine, he instantly avoided my words and apologized fearing that I would tell Ethan-- my so called boyfriend about it, and he would come chasing him. 

Pinching my throat, I passed him a smile of hesitation, "You have my word, now please will you tell me what is wrong!" 

Jardin lightly shook his head, he got up from the ground and breathed in some air before he disclosed, "Your boyfriend... Uh I mean Ethan, he caught Sasha and her boyfriend back biting on him to the principal for bothering them. And now, he is bullying the two in the canteen." My mouth hung open and eyes stared at Jardin's face until he forced me a smile and disappeared from my gaze. 

But how can Ethan do that? 

'That is what he does all the time, doesn't he? Bullying others and making them cry is his sole ambition' 

My mind answered my question as I held the strap of my bag tight rushing inside the school avoiding Dylan's message for waiting for him at the school gate. 

Saving Sasha and Max was more important. I know it is not possible because Ethan doesn't give a shit to anyone, but I am sure, he will let them go if I insist! 


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