Chapter 8

'His love is like a witch's potion. Too much is not too good and too less is not very effective.' 


Ava Jones... 

My legs lost the strength to stand still and I completely hung on him for support. Gratefully, his one arm was around my waist holding me still or else I would have ended kissing the ground with my ass. His stare was intense. Ethan (without making any effort) successfully has my attention to himself.

I can't take my eyes off of his face while his tongue licked and fondled with my lips. All I could see was his dark eyes looking down at me as I stood frozen in his arms. If it had not been his teeth biting my lower lip then I don't think I would have come back to reality.

His wink followed a devilish smirk, Ethan raised an eye brow giving me a teasing smile. I quickly pushed him aside and looked behind me at Sasha and Max. The two of them were in tears, trembling and re

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Clare Cope
Loving this, when’s the next update please? X

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